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Advance notice of Out of Business Sale

Dear It is true, we are going out of business! My wife and I have decided that now that the children are grown, we are going to do some of things we could only dream about for so many years. … Read more »

Announcement of Additional Location

 Chambers Insurance Company                      is pleased to announce        the addition of a new location for your convenience                          Our address is:                       4500 4th Street North                   St. Petersburg, Florida 33702                     Telephone  (813) 546-6941

Announcement of Business Name Change

Dear As our new letterhead indicates, we have recently changed the name of our business from    [old name] to [new name] There has been no change in management and we will be providing the same products and fine service on … Read more »

Announcement of Catalog Price Reductions

Dear This is my favorite kind of letter.  How many letters have I had to write over the years advising you of a price increase?  Why, you ask, am I so happy?  Read on. This is to advise you that, … Read more »

Announcement of Change of Address

Dear As of Monday, July 1, 2011, Kabuki Sales Corporation of America’s Eastern Regional Office will be located in our new offices and warehouse building at 401 Grandiosa Boulevard, Tampa, Florida, 33715.  The telephone number for this new location is … Read more »

Announcement of Change of Address for Billing

To whom it may concern: Our new building is completed and we have moved into our brand new offices. Our new address and telephone number is as follows:                            [address]                         [city,state,zip]                            [telephone] Thank you for bringing this announcement … Read more »

Announcement of Clearance Sale

LORD & CHAMBERS                    is pleased to announce our                       SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE            Offering 50% Off On All Summer Merchandise                    Including Designer Fashions                   commencing on August 1, 2011                       We Hope To See You !

Announcement of Free Delivery Limitations Change

Dear There has been a change in our delivery service policy which we would like to bring to your attention. We have always provided free delivery for any orders placed with the      [firm]      , regardless of the size of the … Read more »

Announcement of New Area Representative

Dear It is my great pleasure to advise you that [name of new sales representative] will now be representing our firm in your area. [name of individual]     has been handling our accounts in [locale]     for some time and is extremely … Read more »

Announcement of New Area Representative Visit

Dear We have assigned     [name of rep]    as our new representative for your area.     [name of rep] has been with our firm for quite some time and is extremely experienced in all aspects of our production. [name of rep]     will … Read more »

Announcement of New Business Opening

Gentlemen: This is to inform you that The Chambers Software Company is now open and is located at 4500 4th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida. Our store offers a complete and diverse line of computer software packages for both personal … Read more »

Announcement of New Discount

Dear It is with great pleasure that we have recently welcomed [name]     to our beauty salon.      [name]     was previously with     [name of previous salon]     in     [city]     and we feel privileged that he has chosen to work with     [shop name] … Read more »

Announcement of New Pricing Policy

Dear It has been our policy in the past to supply ice to our customers when their ice machine has broken down.  Because we have many customers who are paying later and later, we are forced to set down stronger … Read more »

Announcement of New Shipment Arrival

Dear Our new shipment from England has been unloaded, delivered, dusted, and is now ready for your review. We really found some marvelous pieces and when I tell you that our container was jammed full, believe me, it was full. … Read more »

Announcement of Partnership Buyout

Dear This is to inform you that I have purchased all of the interest of my former partner,     [name]    , and that he is no longer associated with the firm of [name of firm] Our business will continue to provide … Read more »

Announcement of Price Increase

Dear Due to the increase in raw material costs, we must unfortunately raise the cost of our merchandise to you. We have avoided raising our prices for as long as possible, but we can no longer prolong the inevitable. We … Read more »

Announcement of Price Reduction

Dear Rarely do we have the opportunity to inform our customers of such good news.  The legislature’s tariff ruling which was handed down on May 15th, 1986, has made it possible for our company to reduce our list price for … Read more »

Announcement of Special Discount Offer

Dear This is to announce our 10% Special Discount Offer that we are making on all orders for the following items for the month of    [month]     only:  __________________________________________________  _________________________________________________  _________________________________________________ This 10% discount is available on any order set for … Read more »

Invitation to Demo New Product Line

Gentlemen: It is our great pleasure to inform you that our new product line is ready for your inspection. We believe that you will be delightfully surprised to see some of our latest innovations in both concept and design and … Read more »

New Business Announcement for Use For Credit Application

Gentlemen: It is our pleasure to inform you that the   [name of new business]     is now open for business. Our firm is located at  [location]  and we specialize in We have enclosed a credit application in your name should you … Read more »

Party Announcement for New Product Line

COME CELEBRATE WITH US!        We are previewing our NEW PRODUCT LINE on        Thursday, June 17, 2011.  We will be waiting        for you at HAL’S STEAKHOUSE, at 1324 Culver Way        in CENTURY CITY.        The PARTY starts … Read more »