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Conversion of Open Account to COD

Dear You are one of our most valued accounts and it is with deep regret that I must advise you of a change in your account credit status. From now on, it will be necessary that a check accompany each … Read more »

Good Customer Conversion to COD

Dear This is to acknowledge our telephone conversation regarding the past due balance on your account. Perhaps your remittance to clear this amount has been mailed, and if so, please accept our thanks.  However, if it has not yet been … Read more »

Notice of COD Terms

NOTICE OF C.O.D. TERMS                                    Date: _ To: _ [Customer]      We are in receipt of your purchase order as attached.      We shall be pleased to accept your order, however, we cannot accept the order on credit terms.      … Read more »

Notice of Credit Limit, Convesion to COD

     NOTICE OF CREDIT LIMIT                                    Date: _ To: _ [Customer]      A review of your account indicates a present balance of $_ owed our firm.      Every account is carefully evaluated to establish a credit limit that we believe … Read more »