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Charge Back Application of Discount on Delayed Shipment

Dear The shipment of the above referenced merchandise was delivered to my receiving department on While the original delivery date was set for I approved this later delivery in view of the problems that you were experiencing at that time. … Read more »

Commitment from Advertising

                     COMMITMENT FORM CLIENT:_________________________     DATE_________________                        DESCRIPTION              ART WORK FOR BILLBOARD DESIGN:              Includes conceptual layouts, comprehensive              layout, artist’s renderings, preparation of              camera – ready mechanicals.              Estimated cost                   $250.00                 (Typography costs are extra) This commitment … Read more »

Confirmation of Acceptance of Employee Suggestion

Dear Your suggestion that we recycle the trims from our vinyl production has been analyzed and found to be an extremely viable idea. This recycling process, which will be implemented in six to eight weeks from now, will result in … Read more »

Confirmation of Extension of Payment Due

Dear This will acknowledge our telephone conversation of this date.  As was stated in our letter dated         , we should be receiving our financing by     In view of the above, we would appreciate your extending the date for our … Read more »

Confirmation of Interview Appointment

Dear Thank you for your courteous request to interview one of our officers for the article you are writing about our business. [name of individual] will be pleased to meet with you at our offices at     [address]    , on     [day]    … Read more »

Confirmation of Purchace Agreement

Dear This letter will serve to confirm our agreement regarding your purchase of, and payment for, certain merchandise from our company. We have agreed to ship the following merchandise to you: You agree to abide by our printed terms and … Read more »

Confirmation of Telephone Report of Problem

Dear This will confirm our telephone conversation of wherein I informed you that there was a problem with the [service performed] As I stated,     [description of problem] It is my understanding that you will    [commitment of service company] in order … Read more »

Confirmation of Verbal Order

CONFIRMATION OF VERBAL ORDER                                    Date: _ To: _ [Supplier]      This letter shall confirm your acceptance of verbal order communicated to you on _.      A copy of our purchase order containing the state terms is attached.      Unless … Read more »

Grant of Request for Extrension of Time

Dear Thank you for your letter of          in which you explained the circumstances behind your request for an extension of time to remit your payment on invoice # We do appreciate your straightforwardness and have noted on your account … Read more »

Letter of Understanding Terms of Proposed Contract

Dear This will confirm that which we discussed during our telephone conversation earlier today. It is agreed that your firm,  [name of firm] , will provide the technical support for the [name of project] while we will provide the technical … Read more »