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Consumer Credit

Consumer Credit Application

  CONSUMER CREDIT APPLICATION Name _                                         Date _ Address _                                             City _                       State _     Zip _ How long at address _                      Own or Rent _ Employed by _                              Position _ How long _                                 Salary $_ No. dependents _       Type car … Read more »

Consumer Credit Application 2

 CONSUMER CREDIT APPLICATION Name ___________________________________________Date_______________ Address_____________________City___________State______Zip_____ How long at address___________________Own or Rent ____________ Employed by______________________________Position_____________ How long______________________________Salary $________________ No. dependents____________Type car owned_____________Year_____ Other sources of income:  ___________________________________ $_______________________  ___________________________________ $_______________________ Outstanding obligations:  ___________________________________ $_______________________  ___________________________________ $_______________________  ___________________________________ $_______________________  ___________________________________ $_______________________ … Read more »

Corrections to Degoratory Credit Report

Gentlemen: Pursuant to your request as to a clarification on the apparent derogatory findings in your review of my credit history, I am submitting this correspondence for your consideration, as well as the lender concerned.  Please be advised as follows: … Read more »

Credit Extension to Past Due Preferred Customer

Dear Our credit department has notified me that your account is past due.  You are one of our preferred customers and therefore we want to offer any assistance we can. We know that most overdue balances result from clerical errors.  … Read more »

Disclosure Statement, Fair Credit Reporting Act

DISCLOSURE [name of credit reporting agency] is a “consumer reporting agency” and, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, must report information in a manner that is fair and equitable to consumers. The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right … Read more »

Letter of Credit (General)

                   LETTER OF CREDIT (GENERAL) [name of bank] [address] [city, state, zip] [country] Sir:      We hereby agree to accept and pay at maturity any draft or drafts on us, at      day’s sight, issued by [name of individual] of your … Read more »

Letter of Credit (irrevocable)

 Letter of Credit (Irrevocable)                                 __________________[Bank]                                 _______________[Address]                                 ____________[City,State]                                 __________________[Date] Irrevocable Credit All drafts drawn must indicate credit number. Gentlemen: You are hereby authorized to value on the   [bank]     , of the City of ________________, State of______________, for … Read more »

Personal Financial Statement

       Personal Financial Statement TO:_______________________ The undersigned for the purpose of procuring and establishing credit from time to time with you and further, to induce you to permit the undersigned to become indebted to you on notes, endorsements, guarantees, overdrafts … Read more »

Reply to Request about Credit Rejection

 REPLY TO REQUEST ABOUT CREDIT REJECTION                                    Date: _ To: _ [Credit Applicant]      In response to your request for a statement of our reasons for turning down your recent application for credit, our records reveal that your application was … Read more »

Request for Credit Information

Gentlemen: It was with great pleasure that we received your recent order which was entered for immediate shipment at our regular 30 day terms. To enable us to extend the line of credit you may need for future orders, will … Read more »

Request for Disclosure on Consumer Credit Investigation

Gentlemen: On         , I applied for credit with your store and was informed, at that time, that an investigative consumer report would be made on me. In accordance with my rights under federal law, I am hereby requesting complete … Read more »

Response to Order on Expired Credit Card

Dear Thank you for your recent order from     [name of firm] We are unable to send you the merchandise due to the fact that your     [specify]     credit card has expired.  If you still want     [specify item]    , please forward your … Read more »

Withdrawal of Credit on Past Due Account 1

Dear Your file was just placed on my desk for disposition.  It seems that your account is seriously past due.  We have valued your business for many years, and can only hope that this lack of payment is only an … Read more »