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Cover Letter

Cover Letter in Response to Catalog Request

Dear Thank you for your inquiry about our   [equipment]  I am enclosing our catalog for your review. We developed     [name of equipment]     to provide educators with a comprehensive and effective means of transmitting information and to help modernize educational methods.  … Read more »

Cover Letter, Product Literature in Response to Phone Inquiry

Dear It was a pleasure speaking with you today and as I promised, I am enclosing literature on the [products] I will be happy to get together with you, upon your request, to explain the functions of each system in … Read more »

Cover Letter, Renewed Charge Card

Dear Enclosed please find your new   [name]    cards, which have an expiration date of I have been advised that should your    account be renewed in   [month]   , the credit limit on the account will be reevaluated based upon your account … Read more »

Standard Cover Letter in Response to Inquiry

Dear Thank you for your recent inquiry about [nature of inquiry] We are enclosing our catalog and price list for your review and are confident that this literature will provide many of the answers you have requested. If there is … Read more »