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Amendment to Lease

 AMENDMENT TO LEASE      FOR GOOD CONSIDERATION, _ [Landlord], and _ [Tenant], under a certain lease agreement between them for premises known as _, dated _, 20_ hereby modify and amend said lease in the following particulars:  [Describe modified terms] … Read more »

Assignment to Lease

 ASSIGNMENT OF LEASE      ASSIGNMENT of lease by and between _ [Tenant], and _ [Sub-Tenant], and _ [Landlord].      For good consideration, it is agreed by and between the parties that:      1. Tenant hereby assigns, transfers and delivers to … Read more »

Cover Letter for Loan Book

Dear Thank you for the recent opportunity of serving you in our Installment Loan Department.  The coupon book enclosed is provided for your convenience in making payments on your note.  It will furnish you with a record of payments.  We … Read more »

Extension of Lease

  EXTENSION OF LEASE      EXTENSION AGREEMENT made by and between _ [Landlord], and _ [Tenant], relative to a certain lease agreement for premises known as _, and dated _, 19_ [Lease].      For good consideration, Landlord and Tenant each … Read more »

Mutual Cancellation of Lease

   MUTUAL CANCELLATION OF LEASE      FOR GOOD CONSIDERATION, _ [Lessee], and _ [Lessor], under a certain lease agreement between the parties under date of _, 19_ [Lease], do hereby mutually agree to terminate and cancel said Lease effective _, … Read more »

Notice of Lease

 NOTICE OF LEASE      Notice is hereby provided of the existence of the following lease:     1. LESSOR: _     2. LESSEE: _     3. LEASED PREMISES: _     4. TERM OF LEASE is _ years commencing on _, 19_ … Read more »

Notice of Termination of Lease

                Notice of Termination of Lease To _________________________, Lessee:      Take notice, that pursuant to the provisions of paragraph ___ of that certain Lease under which you hold possession of the hereinafter described premises, I have elected to terminate said … Read more »

Notice to Exercise Lease Option

 NOTICE TO EXERCISE                              LEASE OPTION                                    Date: _ To: _      Please be advised that the undersigned, as Lessee under a certain lease under date of _, 19_, for premises known as _ does hereby exercise its option to … Read more »

Notice to Terminate Tenancy-at-Will [Tenant]

 NOTICE TO TERMINATE TENANCY-AT-WILL                              [By Tenant]                                    Date: _ To: _ [Landlord]      You are hereby notified that the undersigned shall terminate its tenancy on the premises known as _, effective at the end of the next month of … Read more »

Notice to Terminate Tenancy-at-Will[Landlord]

NOTICE TO TERMINATE TENANCY-AT-WILL                             [By Landlord]                                    Date: _ To: _ [Tenant]      You are hereby notified to quit and vacate at the end of the next month of your tenancy, beginning after this notice, the premises now held … Read more »

Short Form of Lease

 SHORT FORM OF LEASE      LEASE AGREEMENT, made between _ [Landlord] and _ [Tenant].      For good consideration it is agreed between the parties as follows:      1. Landlord hereby leases and rents to Tenant the premises         describes as … Read more »

Subordinaton to Stated Amount

                    SUBORDINATION TO STATED AMOUNT      FOR VALUE RECEIVED, the undersigned hereby subordinates all of our claims [secured or unsecured] against _, [Debtor] to a claim owed _, in an amount not to exceed $_, and notwithstanding whether said claim … Read more »