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Financing Statement

  FINANCING STATEMENT ____________________________________________________________ Debtor (Last Name First/Individual)   Social Security Number ____________________________________________________________ Mailing Address              City, State            Zip Code ____________________________________________________________ Additional Debtor – (If Any)          Social Security Number ____________________________________________________________ Mailing Address              City, State            Zip Code ____________________________________________________________ Debtor’s Trade Names or Styles            … Read more »

Lapsed Subscription Renewal Offer

Dear Having had the pleasure of mailing you [name of magazine] every month for the past three years, we were wondering if perhaps you haven’t realized that your subscription ran out in    [month] We mailed you our     [month]     issue and … Read more »

Letter Order of Merchandise

Dear Please send me the following items from your Springtime catalog:   1 Freedom 5″ Color TV  #ACI645   $299  (7.50)   $306.50   1 Dog Race Analyzer    #WNW209   $ 50  (3.50)     53.50                                                   _______                                        Total      $360.00 I am enclosing my … Read more »

Order Referral to Local Dealer

Dear Your purchase order, number [number] was referred to my office.  Your choice of the [model and number] is a wise wise and tasteful decision.  We, however, market our products through appointed dealers, so as to insure uniformity of service … Read more »

Part Arrival Notice, Request to Schedule Service

Dear We have received the part for your [appliance]. Several attempts have been made to contact you in order to complete your repairs. Please telephone us at   [number]   so that arrangements can be made to come to your home and … Read more »

Recommendation Against Repair

Dear After checking your television set thoroughly, my opinion is that it would be inadvisable to make the necessary repairs due to the age of your set. The set requires a new picture tube plus several other parts.  My estimate … Read more »

Return of Product on Free Trial

Dear Thank you for the opportunity to sample your [product] on the 10 day free trial offer.  While I found the [product] to be satisfactory, [reason for not purchasing item]. As you will note, I am returning the product to … Read more »

Trade Show Exhibit Questionnaire

  QUESTIONNAIRE 1.  Did you see any products in our exhibit in which you     are interested?                   Yes___________      No___________ 2.  What impressed you most favorably about the exhibit?     ______________________________________________________ 3.  Is there something you would have liked to … Read more »