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Promotional Letter


Dear Enclosed is your completed 1986 Tax Return and a copy for your records.  Please sign the return where we have indicated, enclose your check in the amount of $ and forward to the IRS. I believe that we could … Read more »

Air Conditioning Service

Dear Before the hot summer is upon us, we are recommending that our customers call us to arrange to have one of our service representatives perform a thorough and complete inspection of their air-conditioning systems. Throughout our many years of … Read more »

Air Freight

Dear Thank you for choosing    [name of firm]     to deliver your air freight to     [location] We thought you might be interested in knowing that we can make deliveries anywhere in the world and most of our overseas deliveries can be … Read more »

Antique Shop

Dear Thank you for signing our guest register when you paid our antique store a visit.  We hope you found our assortment of antiquities interesting.  Of course, we are always purchasing new items, so we encourage you to come in … Read more »

Appliance Store

Dear Welcome to the city of     [city]      We are pleased that you have chosen this as your new home and know that you will enjoy living here. [name of firm]     has been in business since    [year] and carry a complete … Read more »


Dear Let me take this opportunity to personally thank you for choosing our bank to handle your account.  I know a great amount of care goes into choosing a banker, and your decision reaffirms my belief in the old fashioned … Read more »

Bank Trust Drop

Dear The drawing of a will may not be something we look forward to, but the absence of one can create an incredible hardship on our loved ones. There have been so many stories about individuals whose intentions could not … Read more »

Bicycle Shop

Dear Our records indicate that two years ago you purchased a bicycle for your son,  [name of child]  for his birthday which falls on     If he is ready for a larger bicycle, you may wish to surprise him on his … Read more »

Boat Shop

Dear Our Summer Sale is about to get underway and we want to remind you of the substantial savings we offer during this annual event. For two weeks only, every boating accessory will be marked down by a minimum of … Read more »

Book Seller

Dear Someone once said that words are cheap, but he obviously did not know what he was talking about.  A poorly written letter to a business associate, potential customer or dissastisfied user can be extremely costly. Our publication, “How To … Read more »

Bridal Shop

Dear It was with great pleasure that we read of your recent engagement.  Please accept our congratulations.     [name of shop]     provides a free consultation service to brides to be and we invite you to come into our shop to … Read more »

Building Security

Dear Government sources have reported that the extent of thievery from goods in shipment ranges between $1.5 billion a year to $2.6 billion a year.  They also confirm that 85% of the stolen goods leave by the front gate. Most … Read more »

Bus Charter

Dear On May 1, 1986, Chambers Transportation Inc., came under new management. Chambers Transportation is a full service charter bus and sightseeing company operating a fleet of over-the-road highway coached, sightseeing buses and vans within the state. Our coaches are … Read more »

Carpet Cleaning

Dear It is our pleasure to welcome you to the city of    [city]    You have certainly chosen a lovely area to buy your new home. As our way of welcoming you, we have enclosed a gift certificate that entitles … Read more »

Catalog Sales

Dear The Chambers Catalog came into existance in 1979 and in four short years has become one of the most successful catalogs on the market.  For this, we are pleased, proud and grateful. We are pleased because our customers have … Read more »

Charge Account

Dear We would like to extend our invitation to you to open a charge account with     [name of store] Once you have signed and returned the enclosed card, we will have a charge plate made for you to use.  This … Read more »

Commercial Property Broker

Dear When I analyze the qualifications of an applicant for a sales position in our organization, I am primarily interested in his or her track record.  After all, when it comes to selling real estate everyone has the same motivation.  … Read more »

Corporate Security

Gentlemen: There is no doubt that without thieves, the world would be a nicer place to live.  Just imagine not having to lock your doors at home, put your car in the garage, find a place for your valuables, or … Read more »

Direct Mail Service

Dear While so many things are a shot in the dark when it comes to increasing sales, one area that has proven itself to be predictable in obtaining results is advertising through direct mail. We feel that your products lend … Read more »

Domestic Services

Dear Wouldn’t it be nice to take the day off and return to find your floors and furniture polished, carpets vacuumed, bathrooms scrubbed, beds made, oven and refrigerator cleaned and kitchen spotless?     [name of company]     can do all of … Read more »

Drinking Water

Dear There is a problem with the underground water reserves in many areas of the United States, and     [area]    is one of them. This does not mean that the water you are currently drinking is contaminated.  I really am not … Read more »

Dry Cleaner Supplies

Gentleman: This letter is to introduce our new sweater bags which are being enthusiastically received by our customers throughout this vicinity. As you will see by the sample we have enclosed, this sweater bag preserves the quality and appearance of … Read more »

Equipment Leasing

Dear Your business experience has already shown you some of the advantages of leasing needed equipment as opposed to purchasing.  Our leasing experience gives us a real edge in furnishing your firm some maximum advantages with a minimum of “red … Read more »

Equipment Leasing

Dear Your business experience has already shown you some of the advantages of leasing needed equipment.  Our leasing experience gives us a real edge in furnishing your firm some maximum advantages with a minimum of “red tape” and time delay. … Read more »

Finance Company

Dear If you are like many of our customers, you have held off from borrowing funds over the past year when interest rates had hit the ceiling realizing that everything that goes up must come down. You should rightfully feel … Read more »


Dear It is with great pleasure that we extend our welcome to you.  We hope that your recent move to     [state] brings you much happiness. If you have never lived in this type of climate before, you may not be … Read more »

Health Spa

Dear Our firm recently received an extremely favorable review from [name of publication], which we hope may be of some interest to you.  In case you missed reading it, I have enclosed a copy with this letter. Since our service … Read more »


Dear Insurance rates are competitive!  Before you renew your existing Group Medical Insurance package, we would like to take a moment of your time to let you know what’s been going on at Chambers Casualty and Life. We offer a … Read more »

Interior Design

Dear As a new customer of     [firm]        , we thought you might be interested in knowing that our Custom Interior Shop offers you free interior design consultation along with the finest selection of fabrics and wallpaper designs to choose from. … Read more »

Medical Lab

Dear It is our pleasure to welcome you to     [city] [name of laboratory] is conveniently located next to the [hospital]     and is fully equipped to provide the highest quality diagnostic service to physicians in this area. Our laboratory services are … Read more »

Moving Company

Dear Chambers Moving and Storage Company is pleased to have been chosen to service your upcoming move.  We will do everything we can to make it a move with which you’ll be pleased–and we will be proud. Here are the … Read more »

Music School

Dear We at the “Pasadena Music School”, as new members of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, would like to introduce ourselves to those of you who may not be aware of our school. “Pasadena Music School” is now one and … Read more »

Office Space

Dear In the future, if you find that the continuing growth of your company makes it necesary to expand its present office space, we hope that you will consider the new Chambers Plaza Towers for your next location. Enclosed are … Read more »

Oriental Rugs

Dear Oriental Rugs are an investment.  Standard wall to wall carpeting depreciates in value.  Oriental Rugs can be rolled up and taken with you no matter how many times you move in your lifetime.  Wall to wall carpeting generally stays … Read more »

Printer, Christmas Cards

Dear The purpose of words is to convey our thoughts, to help us to understand one another better.  This Christmas affords you the opportunity to let people know just how important they are to you. All of our cards are … Read more »

Private Investigations

Gentlemen: As an investigative agency licensed to work anywhere in the state of     [state]    we offer every conceivable service to our clients from document search to surveillance. We do a great deal of work for several legal firms in this … Read more »

Promotional Letter, Advertising Art

Dear We have taken the liberty of sending the attached flyer artwork for the Thanksgiving Holiday for your consideration. The format and design can be used to promote this occasion as a direct mail piece or in-house handout. The ads … Read more »

Public Relations

Dear Did Ponce de Leon really discover a fountain of youth in Florida or did he merely have a great public relations man? We will probably never know the true answer to this question just as so many questions still … Read more »

School Programs and Services

Gentlemen: Our firm supplies products and programs which are designed primarily for schools.  We have enclosed our brochure which consists of various programs which will generate funds for your school while exposing your students to the experience of selling products. … Read more »

Service Business

Dear Our firm recently received an extremely favorable review from [name of publication], which we hope may be of some interest to you.  In case you missed reading it, I have enclosed a copy with this letter. Since our service … Read more »