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New Customer Welcome

Dear The   [name of firm]      would like to welcome you as a new customer to our firm.  We know that you will be extremely satisfied with our line of products and the service we provide to our customers. You are … Read more »

Reply and New Customer Welcome

Dear Your letter just arrived, and after reading it several times to be absolutely sure of its content, I can say how pleased I am with your decision to purchase your plywood products from us. Ours is truly a business … Read more »

Welcome Discount for New Enterprise

Gentlemen: Please accept our congratulations and best wishes for your success in your new enterprise. Our purpose in writing this letter is to welcome you to the community and familiarize you with our service. We provide    [service]     to many small … Read more »

Welcome New Customer

Dear Thank you for your new account and your first order of [description] We are pleased in being able to provide you with this sample of our quality products and look forward to our relationship growing and flourishing. We value … Read more »

Welcome New Tenants

Dear It is our pleasure to welcome you as new tenants of [name] Apartments. We hope that you will avail yourselves of the amenities that we offer including the swimming pool, sauna room, gymnasium and tennis court. We request that … Read more »