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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “5 Lessons From The Summit, Nashville Edition” – by The Wolff Couple

“5 Lessons From The Summit, Nashville Edition” – by The Wolff Couple

     It was our great pleasure and honor last month to be a part of Ron LeGrand and Global Publishing’s 2019 “Great American Real Estate Summit”! We’ve been at every Summit since 2003, and we do our best to remember the best Lessons from each one. Here’s the stand-out Lessons from this year!

1. Beat Winter Weather, Enjoy Beautiful Surroundings

     Record-setting COLD temperatures blasted the nation at the outset of the Summit. In fact, one of the Mentors we mentored (you may know Todd Foster), was actually frozen in when they shut down flights out of the Minneapolis Airport! Even in Nashville it was shattering records, actually getting down into the single digits at night! It felt like we were back in Minnesota where we grew up!

     So how did we beat the cold? By staying 5 days in a massive “Resort Under Glass”, the Nashville Gaylord Hotel! This was a gorgeous destination, with indoor waterfalls, gigantic convention space, even 13 restaurants and a waterpark with rides, all under a massive glass dome! They even had a spectacular fountain and light show with music (even Ron said it was “beautiful”, we’ve got the video to prove it)! We never stepped outside for a whole week, we took in as many of the sights as we could, and we really enjoyed it!

2. Hang Around Great People

     Great people are ones who are fun to be with, who are movers and shakers, who make you feel more motivated to take action in your own life. Great people are ones who make you feel more confident, and even give you the tools you need to succeed. We know one place these “like-minded” folks can be found – at any of our LIVE Events, like the next Summit coming up in summer!

3. Learn All You Can About Making Money

     You can’t do what you want without money. Money supports your dreams. It gives you the ability to help yourself and your loved ones. If you can really figure out how to make money, and get a sustainable system in place, then you can truly focus on your loved ones and your passions.

     Ron knows so much about making money, he is the Godfather! He always provides several cutting-edge training sessions at the Summits. We learned so much from Ron over the past 16 years. If you really want to learn how to make the most money in Real Estate Investing, rely on us and Ron!

4. Join in Fun Activities

     There’s only so much time in life to have fun, so when you have the chance, go for it! Not only are these activities fun at the time, but they can be memorable for the rest of your life. The wild and fun activity at this year’s Summit was a mechanical bull ride!

     We’d always wanted to ride a mechanical bull, ever since we saw John Travolta and Debra Winger in “Urban Cowboy”! This was definitely a “Bucket List” Item! Still, when we saw the bull in person and other cowpokes riding, we weren’t so sure! Of course, all the students there wouldn’t stand for us not riding. Yes, we got bulled into riding the bull! We didn’t mind a bit, because we helped raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for Pediatric Cancer.

     There’s always something to be learned from every new and fun activity, lessons that can also apply to business, and to life! So here’s our…

  7 Lessons from the Mechanical Bull Ride!

  1. Study Successful People – We tried to observe what the best riders were doing.
  2. Copy What They Do – Whether riding a bull, or closing a Pretty House Deal!
  3. Adapt It to Your Own Style – The way your brain and body work best, and your traits and skills apply most effectively!
  4. Take ACTION! – Get on the Bull, or get in the Real Estate Investing Game!
  5. Hang On Tight! – Once you’re in the game, work hard to stay in the game!
  6. When You Fall Off, Get Right Back On! – We both fell off once, and immediately hopped back in the saddle! Every challenge yields to persistence, and consistent ACTION!
  7. Keep Riding Until You Win! – Sometimes you have to keep getting back on and keep hanging on! Lynette ended up with a great ride for 28 seconds, and Brian was one of the top few riders with a time of 38 seconds!

5. Grab Every Chance to Check Off “Bucket List” Items!

     We travel all across the country, and when we get any chance for a special experience in one of our great American cities, we grab it! We love fulfilling true “Bucket List” Items, and what’s the TOP attraction in Nashville?

     We’d always dreamed of seeing the famous “Grand Ole Opry”! We splurged and bought some good seats for the Saturday night Variety Show. Along with Ron and Bev, we actually got to see Lee Greenwood sing his iconic song, “God Bless the U.S.A.”, LIVE on stage at the Opry! That’s a huge “Bucket List” Item to check off!

     Right from the opening “Howdy”, this Nashville Summit was a Hoot and a Hoowwl! From the Wolff Couple, Happy Trails, Pardner!

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  1. Zaydee Rulw says:

    Great takeaways… thanks for sharing…

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