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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “An Ode To The Western Wolffs” – David LeGrand

“An Ode To The Western Wolffs” – David LeGrand

There is a couple who live out west,

                    who are without doubt the very best.

          A happier twosome you will never meet,

                    everything about them is so neat.

          It seems their energy has no end,

                    everywhere they go affords a new friend.

          Enthusiasm personified in all they do,

                    to meet them once will inspire a new life’s view.

          A more positive couple you will not find,

                    because their manner is so generous and kind.

          No one has ever enjoyed a more delightful host,

                    they are unsurpassed as the hosts with the most.

          They attend  to every detail with cheerful pleasure,

                    creating memories we will always treasure.

          Words fail us to tell even yet,      

                    how much we love Brian and Lynette!

                      –by David and Barbara LeGrand, Grand Canyon 2007

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