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“Changing Lives and Careers” by Brian Wolff

It’s hard to believe—we have now been teaching real estate investing alongside Ron LeGrand for over 10-years. (He’s been at it for over 25-years!) Together, we have created some spectacular success stories. We hope you’re one of them!

Most of you know Lynette, my wife, and I from Ron’s Quick Start Real Estate School, where we teach the 8-Deals and make live Closing Calls on your leads. You may have heard that we also recently started teaching a great new event on our own, the life-changing “Taking Action and Communication Workshop!” We actually have another one coming up quickly here on the weekend of June 21 & 22 in Jacksonville.

The positive reaction to our Workshop has been overwhelming and really a blessing. We say a blessing because we’ve always wanted to expand the ways in which we can help our students. Of course, we love teaching real estate investing so our students can buy all the things they want, but as we all know, life is about a lot more than just things. It’s about feeling happy, confident, enthusiastic and fit. It’s about taking action to overcome personal and professional obstacles so you can have success in all areas of life. It’s about mastering all fear, having great, loving relationships and really getting the best out of yourself each day. We love teaching about all those areas too!

I’ve studied human achievement and success systems my whole life, and of course we relate all we teach back to your real estate investing success. That strong connection with real estate investing is one of the things our students really love about our event.

Ron says about the Workshop, “In all my years I’ve never seen an event receive comment sheets so overflowing with rave reviews! The students absolutely loved it and wanted more! This hands-on Workshop is a unique advance in training by the Wolffs.”

So what’s the genesis? Where did the concept for this Workshop arise? Well, last summer we were on a Bahamas cruise with Ron and his wife Beverly. Somebody said something at dinner one night, and I knew it was a “trigger” for one of Ron’s rants.

Over all of our time together we have seen Ron frustrated more by one single thing than everything else combined: Students not taking action!

So Ron’s going on, “I’m teaching them exactly how to do everything at the boot camps, I’m setting them up with the systems, they clearly get it. So why aren’t they all doing it?”

That’s the multi-million dollar question. Some students have great success, some not so much. So what stops people? It’s not the knowledge. Once you get training from Ron and us, you have what you need and more. So, what is stopping you or anyone from having all the success you want in real estate investing and every area of life?

It just so happens I know exactly what it is. From years of studying human behavior and psychology, from years of working with others, from years of observation and teaching, I have set down in writing each and every obstacle that holds people back. Beyond that, I have also created powerful systems to help you overcome any personal or business obstacles that are keeping you from the success you desire.

I’ll fill you in on a secret—it’s the number one obstacle that holds people back. Can you guess what it is?

It’s fear.

If you say it’s procrastination holding you back, it’s really fear. If it’s complacency, it’s fear. If it’s anger, it’s definitely fear. If it’s fear, it’s fear. Fear is the source, “the godfather,” of so many other unproductive emotions and behaviors. Please give me the chance to teach you “The 10 Surefire Techniques to Master All Fear” and you’ll never look at Closing Calls or any fear-trigger in your life the same way again.

So back to the ship, where Ron is wrapping up, “If only the students could go somewhere to get their heads on straight and get past all that fear and guilt and other crap holding them back. Somebody really oughta come up with a boot camp or something.”

That was clearly my cue. “You know, Ron, I actually have a few ideas on that…” Then Lynette jumps in too, and pretty soon we had the outline of the event that would become our “Taking Action and Communication Workshop!”

The rest is history, and from the buzz that we’re hearing, it seems like the legend is growing fast. People all through Ron’s group and others are talking about what a fantastic new addition this Workshop is to Global’s line-up.

Our student Peter said, “We’d heard lots of great things from Ron and other students about the Wolffs’ Workshop. We had really high expectations, and somehow Brian and Lynette exceeded them all! We learned so many powerful techniques that we are applying in our real estate and our real lives, and we’re getting great results. This was truly the event of a lifetime, and one that we’ll never forget.”

Click here to find out more and register for our Workshop.

We had our first Workshop near Dollywood in Tennessee, and our last one was in Branson, Missouri. We had such a wonderful group! I’ll tell you, the folks in our groups are the best quality people we have ever been fortunate enough to meet. They’re outside-the-box-thinkers, they’re motivated and they know what they need to know about real estate. All they need is some help over some personal hurdles, and that’s exactly why we’re here!

Since our recent Workshop was in Branson we saw a couple shows and went out to some nice restaurants, but the real excitement was in the meeting room each day. Major breakthroughs and “Ah-Hah!” moments happened all day, every day. At our Workshops students really share, hugs ensue, tears flow and people really connect in a meaningful way.

Sandra, another student, said, “I have never seen more sincere and deeper networking at any other seminar. This has been the most important event I have ever been to.”

One of our attendees, Angie, had been having challenges with her sister for years. After an intense personal interaction with me in front of the whole class, she mended fences with her sister just when her sister needed her the most (her husband left her the first night of the Workshop). The power of forgiveness is one of the most blessed forces we can use to do good in the world. We helped Angie change an entire long-standing                                                                                                  relationship right at the moment she and her family needed it the most, and she is forever grateful.

We had an extremely “lively” session when we played our game, “Challenges with the Other Sex.” Lynette took the ladies into another room, I kept the men, and we all honestly opened up about our challenges with the other gender. When we got back together, you should’ve seen the sparks fly!

Our Workshop is so different from any event you’ve ever attended because it’s personalized for you. We really get into who you are, exactly what you want in your life, and exactly how we can help you get it the quickest and most fun way possible.

Yes, I said fun. We love to have a ton of fun at our Workshop while we’re learning! We play games, we do exercises, and everyone learns so much. The whole goal of the Workshop is to give you powerful strategies and tools for quickly achieving a lot more success in real estate investing and all areas of life. We figure you might as well have fun while you’re doing it!

We cover topics such as Mastering All Fear, Life and Business Organization, Relationships and the Top 30 Power Negotiating Techniques. We talk about the quickest and best way to permanently change any part of yourself, how to make the most effective Action Plans, and the 6-steps to being a great communicator. We promise everyone returns home with an Actioneer’s heart, because after this intense event we are all brother and sister Actioneers!

A pair of our students brought along their Local Assistant, and we were able to help her take action and close a deal for them right at the event. Brandon wrote to us, “Because of this, our team has been strengthened and now perform at a higher level. With Lynette’s help at the Workshop our Local Assistant closed a deal, and told me that she is now able to move forward in her personal life. We can’t thank you enough for the Mindset Transformation!” We really do become like a family at this event, and we encourage you to bring along any family members or anyone who works in your business absolutely free. You just have to let us know they’re coming.

Truly, we go over everything that is important to your success and happiness in life, even Health and Fitness. Who out there would like to lose a little weight? Well we are going to show you an incredibly simple and easy weight loss and muscle toning program that can change your fitness level for the rest of your life. The proof that the program works will be standing right there on stage—yes, it’s me. I have personally just lost 50 pounds in 50 weeks! I went from 204 pounds to 154 pounds, and a waist of 38” to 30.” Seriously, our program is amazing, fun, and as painless as humanly possible.

Our Workshop always follows Ron’s Business Management Boot Camp (like this one coming up the weekend of June 21 & 22, and then another in November). Ron has us speaking about “Mastering All Fear” at the Great American Real Estate Summit coming up soon in September. Next year, we plan a big blow-out event that we’re calling “Phoenix in Phebruary!” and next year, Lynette and I will be running Global’s Mastermind Meeting in the summer followed by a 3-day version of our “Taking Action and Communication Workshop!” Make sure you stay in touch to find out more about our events.

We believe that our students are entering a new age of opportunity, of emotional support and of success in all areas of life. At our Workshop, we offer systems, motivation and powerful life management techniques that are having huge impacts on the lives of our students. You can have that too when you follow the sage advice of Ron, “People who go to the Wolffs’ event have a big advantage over people who don’t. I know that attending this Workshop will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Do whatever you have to do to get there!”

So come see us to get everything you need to take your life and your real estate investing to the next level and beyond. Take Action and get signed up by calling us at 1-888-Rich-Now, or email us at WolffCouple@gmail.com. We can’t wait to see you there!

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9 Responses to “Changing Lives and Careers” by Brian Wolff

  1. Tom Holyfield says:

    Keep em coming!!

  2. Jeff Auton says:

    I attended the event in Jacksonville in June of 2014 and while I had heard some similar concepts back when a former employer was training me for management, this was different and focused more on me and my partner sitting beside of me. The key is to be honest and don’t come prepared to throw a chip up on your shoulder. During the battle of the sexes section everyone seemed surprised that I did not take offense to my wife’s comment about compartmented thinking as a fault. Why should I be offended I personally consider that a good trait not a fault, it has helped me more than once to eat the elephant one bite at a time. The fault is when I get too engrossed and don’t switch out of that compartmented approach.
    Understanding that, working to overcome that reactionary response or any response based on fear is what the class is about. We all are creatures of habit and comfort and doing anything different takes us out of our habit as well as our comfort zone. For me that was what this class was about and if you are struggling with getting out of your comfort zone for real estate then you need to attend the Wolff’s class.

  3. Brandon Dickman says:


  4. Chyanne Ford says:

    Good deal

  5. Nancy Shah says:

    Our actions and success all come from within so this workshop is a core building block.

  6. Marlene Mejia says:


    THESE couple are FULL of action and NO Bull Shit here! No diarrhea of the mouth at all!

    they were extremely GOOD, HONEST AND TO THE POINT! MAKING MULA AND LOTS OF IT $$$$$$$

    YOU WIll make a LOT of money, and LOOSE A LOT OF MONEY in this business!

    MAKE IT, WHEN you listen to these Couple and Ron!


    They Physique you up, give you the right information, and on top of that, they give you a mission and a tool to use.

    All that adrenaline is inject into you!

    And it was FREEEEEEEEEEEE, thank you, did not pressure anyone into buying their programs.

    At this time we are loyal to RON, but once the need appears or Ron retires, guess who is going to adopt us?

    The Wolff Pack AUCTIONeers!



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