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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “Good Student = Good Money” – The Wolff Couple

“Good Student = Good Money” – The Wolff Couple

You may have been a good student in high school, but if you weren’t, we know why. You lacked motivation. Especially with the rush of teenage distractions, the benefits of studying were not sufficiently motivating. You had better things to do with your time that would bring more immediate rewards.

Whatever your personal experience is on this, we can relate. Brian graduated at the top of the class, and Lynette, well, she graduated.

But now that we’re all adults, the situation has changed. In high school the things you could learn were only good for a grade, then were mostly forever forgotten. Now there are things you can learn that can literally change your life.

That’s exactly the case when you learn Real Estate Investing from the right teachers. Now that you’ve found the right teachers in us and Ron LeGrand, let us be very clear on one thing — whether you were an “A” student or a “D” student, you are absolutely capable of learning what you need to know to be a Successful Real Estate Investor.

Entrepreneurs are naturally eager learners.

We Business Owners know that learning new ideas and methods is the only way to improve our effectiveness and get better results. And what do better results mean to a Business Owner? That’s right, MORE MONEY!

Is it worth your time and effort to be a Good REI Student?

The answer depends on how motivated you are to massively increase your passive cash flow, your wealth-building portfolio, and your freedom. Those are the results of truly learning this business, and wisely applying that knowledge. Big money and a leisurely lifestyle provide major motivations to be a Good Student!

Whether you realize it or not, you are deciding every day for yourself if the studying is worth those rewards. It simply comes down to this, are you regularly studying Real Estate Investing, and applying what you’re learning? Well, are you?

It’s vital for an Investor, or any Business Owner, to always be learning and improving. A small business is like a shark — if it’s not constantly moving forward, it dies. The only way to be moving forward is to be learning new ideas and methods, and then applying them. Then you must monitor your results carefully, so you can use Trial & Error to make Smart Adjustments.

What must you learn to be a Successful Real Estate Investor?

Action Steps & Scripts!

You’ll follow basically the same Action Steps and Scripts over and over to close all your Pretty House deals. We call these Action Steps and Scripts the “Mechanics” of Real Estate Investing. It doesn’t take long for a motivated student to learn them, it’s not rocket science. You learn the Mechanics once, and then you just keep following the same “cookie cutter” system.

If you clearly see the rewards, if you’re ready to learn the right methods, if you are committed to being a Good Student, then here’s the…

Formula for Successful Learning

Scheduled Study Time


Burning Desire for Reward


Expecting Success


Good Student

This Formula is the start, this is your half of the equation. The old saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” The right teacher is the other half of the equation.


Right Teacher!

It breaks our hearts when we sometimes see Good Students with the wrong teachers. That’s why we and Ron LeGrand have devoted our careers to creating the absolute best Training for motivated new Real Estate Investors.

2 Ways Investing Training Fails Good Students

  1. Doesn’t Work in the Real World
  2. Too Hard to Learn — Complicated and Boring 

First, when you apply Training it either gets results or it doesn’t. We can proudly say that we haul around a bulging file box of Testimonials from our successful students, spanning the past 16 years, and it keeps growing by the day!

Second, it can be challenging to learn by just reading dry, boring manuals. That’s why, when we created the “What to Say & What to Do” System with Ron LeGrand (many of you use these Scripts and Checklists daily), we put it all on Video and Audio!

That’s how so many of us like to learn nowadays, by looking at Videos or listening to Audios. A lot of us love watching TV! With our Videos you can actually watch Ron and us Role Play every scenario you’ll encounter as an Investor, and even Role Play with the same videos yourself. It’s a very fast and fun way to learn!

*If you don’t yet have this amazing Wolff-LeGrand Home Study System, just contact Global Publishing to find out how to get it and start applying it in your own business!

The right teachers and right training are right here, so all you need to do now is follow these crucial 8 Action Steps!

8 Steps to Being a Good REI Student

  1. Get Money-Making REI Information
    • Wolff-LeGrand “What to Say & Do” System, available through Global
  2. Make Study Schedule to Learn Information
    • Minimum of 2-3 hours per week in the beginning
  3. Study According to Schedule
    • Include Role Playing of Scripts, with partner or Videos.
  4. Create Action Steps from Studies
    • Keep a running Checklist, this could be the most important step of all.
  5. Put Action Steps into Schedule
    • Scheduling makes it real, helps make it happen.
  6. Execute Action Steps from Studies
    • Stick to Schedule, stick to Checklists and Scripts.
  7. Use Trial & Error to Make Smart Adjustments
    • Do more of what’s working, stop what isn’t working.
  8. Keep Learning through Daily Study and Action
    • Maintain Consistency for Long-Term Success!
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