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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “I Demanded This Event Be FREE To You!” – Minneapolis, Aug. 19-21

“I Demanded This Event Be FREE To You!” – Minneapolis, Aug. 19-21

Why do some students take action with my strategies and become successful, while others do nothing??

That question has plagued me for years. It was on my mind one night after an event in 2012, I kept thinking of all that wasted training. I’d see students with similar backgrounds, yet one would succeed, and one would never even get started.

At that time, I’d already been teaching how to buy and sell real estate all across the country for over 30 years. More and more I was seeing that all the systems and scripts still weren’t enough. The truth was clear to me.

To actually apply the what I teach, students need a confident mindset!

         2 Components for Success – Mechanics & Mindset

You need to believe you will be successful. Otherwise you’ll get overwhelmed by the obstacles — Disorganization, Distractions, Poor Time Management, Bad Habits, and most of all – FEAR!

Those obstacles are inevitable, you have to face each one if you want to make it. So, the question in my mind became, “How could I give my students the confident mindset and the tools to overcome those obstacles and take action?”

I realized I couldn’t accomplish such a lofty goal alone, so…

I’m Bringing You The Wolff Couple!!

I met them over 17 years ago, and they’ve been at my side ever since. Brian and Lynette have had great personal success, closing over 700 deals!

The Wolffs truly deserve their famous nickname, “Mr. & Mrs. Enthusiasm!” I’ve never met anyone with the energy level and the servant’s hearts that the Wolffs have.

I told the Wolffs about my frustration with students not taking action, and lo and behold, they felt exactly the same way! They were eager to take on the mission of creating a new and special event that would give our students the confident Mindset and the tools to take action! That was the genesis of…

     The “Taking Action Workshop!”

The Workshop the Wolffs created was (and is) Ground-Breaking and Life-Changing! I was hoping for a powerful event, but they exceeded my expectations in every way.

The Wolffs teach you to be better at Real Estate Investing, and also better at Life! They give you the confident Mindset and tools to conquer those inevitable obstacles of Disorganization, Distraction, Poor Time Management, Bad Habits, and FEAR!

The “Taking Action Workshop” is now 6 years old and has been a catalyst to success for many investing superstars! Those include students and my hand-picked Mentors like Todd Foster, Dixie Decker, Alton Jones, Ralph French, Tony Pearl, Blair Halver, Julie Casto, the Schlag brothers, and so many more!

“This Workshop is a MUST for anyone who wants to succeed, not just in Real Estate but in life.”

“Wonderfully interactive, that is the key.  Fun exercises, role-playing, and real-life examples!”

“Uplifting material greatly presented!  So many fantastic ‘aha!’ moments!”

“Amazing energy and enthusiasm, amazing information, this was simply amazing!!” 

“Thanks for helping me look inward to take ACTION towards conquering my obstacles.”

 “This Workshop has been a blessing to us.  We are so motivated & equipped to be successful.”

“Attending this Workshop and using these techniques virtually assures success. Best event ever!”

“Why doesn’t everyone succeed, Ron?”

Most folks who don’t succeed as investors never really understand why. The sad truth is that most of them are never able to get past a Beginner’s Mindset.

The Wolffs call it the “Scared Newbie” role.

When you’re stuck in that role you struggle to take action, and the thought of calling real sellers strikes fear into your heart. Most folks need real help to get past that.

You need smart and tough trainers who can take you from that “Scared Newbie” role all the way to the “Successful Real Estate Investor” role! These “Drill Instructors” need to transform you as a raw recruit into a battle-ready warrior, eager to get on the phone and get out into houses!

Lynette is the ultimate “Action Brain.” I’ve never seen her standing still, she’ll lead you to success if you can just hang on! Lynette keeps the whole workshop exciting and fun, and she’ll help you get comfortable in your new role of “Successful Real Estate Investor!”

Brian is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, “The Flip Side of Flipping.” He understands both Real Estate Investing and the human mind in unique and powerful ways. You’ll learn so much money-making information from him over the 3 days. Even I’ve picked up a few nuggets and changed some of my time-tested processes.

Together the Wolffs are the perfect trainers to help transform you from the “Scared Newbie” role into your new “Successful Real Estate Investor role.

The Wolffs will get your Mindset right!

Their revolutionary “Role Control” approach gives you total command over your mind and your emotions. Then you can take instant and effective action in every situation, including never hesitating to get on the phone.

At this amazing event you’ll learn how to instantly tap into your “best you”, and leave all fear and doubt behind. That NEW YOU will create your NEW LIFE!

I was shocked by the comment cards!

When the comment cards from the 1st “Taking Action Workshop” hit my desk, the one phrase that kept coming up was “life-changing!”

This event was exactly what I was seeking!

It’s specifically designed to get you to Take Action! The Wolffs give you an unbeatable Mindset, PLUS give you the tools to use that Mindset to become successful! Those tools include all the best investing systems, negotiating techniques, how to use social media, and many other exceptional training sessions.

If you’ve ever lost focus, if you’ve had paralysis of analysis,

if you’ve ever let Fear freeze you – let the Wolffs FIX YOU!

The Wolff Couple will help you revolutionize your thinking and your business, and get you on track to close 1-3 Pretty House deals every month.

They’ll also teach simple techniques to help you be happier and more effective in your personal life. It all works together, so soon you can be living the life of your dreams!

So GET REGISTERED NOW for the “Taking ACTION Workshop” on August 19-21 in Minneapolis, with a BONUS day at the Minnesota State Fair on August 22nd! Oh, and did I mention the best thing about this?

This Life-Changing 3-Day Event is FREE to you (and 1-2 Guests)!

This is an expensive event to stage, the Wolffs even give you your own Life Playbook. But what did I tell you at the very beginning?

I demanded the Wolffs offer this event to you for FREE!

I know you need it. You know you need it.

It will speed up your progress and make you a better person.

This is your best chance to really get going with your Real Estate Investing, and truly change your life. PLUS with this special offer it’s not the regular $1497 per person, it’s FREE!

Registered right away:

  1. Register online here or
  2. Call us at 904-262-0491, ask for Rachel

Plus for the first 10 action-takers who sign up now, the Wolffs will give you their brand new “Social Media Training Packet,” FREE!

I know the Wolffs truly care about your success, but they can’t supercharge your life if you’re not there! So take a chance on yourself, and sign up NOW.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get all the confidence and tools you need to achieve your dreams, in Real Estate Investing and in Life! The Wolffs can’t wait to see you at the Taking Action Workshop!


Ron LeGrand

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