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Home » Resources » Articles And Reports » The Gold Club Weekly Report » “Stinkin’ Rich By 30 — 10 Steps To Get The 20-Something On The Path To Cash Part 2” by Loral Langemeier

“Stinkin’ Rich By 30 — 10 Steps To Get The 20-Something On The Path To Cash Part 2” by Loral Langemeier

5) “Say YES! and Figure out How:” If you’ve heard this before, it’s because it’s single-handedly been the biggest key to success in my life. You’ll never hear me say “no.” When a problem comes up, an issue arises, or a question is asked, the answer is always “yes.” You start with “yes” and then you figure out if you can do it, or if you know someone who can do it. Start saying “YES!” in your life daily and watch how your attitude toward everything changes. No goal is out of reach when you’re in this mindset. The truest entrepreneurs say “YES!” and go from there.

6) Beat People up…With Your Energy! When you get into the habit of saying “YES!” all the time, your energy becomes so forceful that nothing can stop it. This “YES!” energy always wins. People who have “No” energy are the excuse-makers, the storytellers, the people who say “But I can’t…” Enough of that. No time for that. I guarantee you the strongest energy in the room will always win.

7) Run Away! The biggest mistake younger generations make when it comes to money is entitlement. There’s a lack of competition. There’s a lack of entitlement. Kids are living at home with parents until age 26 or 28. They’re over-educated and keep going back to school and back to school as opposed to getting mentors and getting on the street and becoming entrepreneurs with people that have already been there. Young people, you need to leave home, start new and take risks.

8) Ask for Cash: Truth is, a lot of us are entrepreneurs to some degree now. You may do side work for somebody or give people free advice on knowledge that took you time and money to acquire. Stop that. Know your value and get your value. Most people are too afraid to ask for cash, but how are you going to become a millionaire if you don’t ask for cash? I’ve been in cab rides with extra copies of some of my books and had people ask me, “Can I have an extra copy?” I said, “Sure, you got $10?” Don’t be afraid to get what you’re worth. And in entrepreneurship, you quickly learn to make the cash, keep the cash and make more of it as fast as you can.

9) Be Resilient: People look at my life and say, “Gee, Loral, you’re so fortunate to have a great life!” Ha, if only! I’ve been through million-dollar divorces, failed businesses, single-motherhood — you name it. I’ve had huge issues come up in my life, whether it be personal or professional, but you have to be resilient and keep your energy. Once something breaks you down, it’s tough to build yourself back up.

10) Spend Smart. You’ll notice that I didn’t say “save smart.” First of all, “saving” isn’t what millionaires do. They spend properly and invest properly. Get out of the “saving” mindset. Think about how much you would have to save to reach a million. Crazy, right. So be smart with your money and allocate it where it will bring you the most results. Don’t overspend on your lifestyle. Keep your spending business-invested.

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3 Responses to “Stinkin’ Rich By 30 — 10 Steps To Get The 20-Something On The Path To Cash Part 2” by Loral Langemeier

  1. Debbie Magar says:

    more good advice

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  3. Tom Holyfield says:

    not too late

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