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Home » Resources » Ask Ron - Q&A sessions with Ron » Ask Ron 2017-03-03

Ask Ron 2017-03-03

This week’s edition of Ask Ron is filmed live on location at Multiple Income Strategies Boot Camp with Ron, his sister BJ and the Wolff Couple! Listen in as they answer our Gold Club members’ questions on who’s responsible for repairs, judgements, 2nd mortgage defaults, lease options and much more!

Thank you Mary Ann Nunez, Minor Oasis, Scott Tayeb, Nick Wheeler, John Kotlarski, Daniel Debi, Stephan Aftandilov and Kevin Lee for sending in your questions this week!

Be sure to submit your questions on the Gold Club Forum under the Ask Ron Category, then tune in to the following week’s Weekly Report for your answer from Ron!

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3 Responses to Ask Ron 2017-03-03

  1. Aaron Anderson says:

    As always, I love the weekly “Ask Ron” I think this is the most valuable element of the Gold Club.

  2. Keith Yedinak says:

    Great ask Ron weekly q&a love listening to these to get more knowledge

  3. Greg wilson Wilson says:

    Perfect answers always

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