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What is “The Million Dollar Machine?” by The Wolff Couple

There are huge paydays in Real Estate Investing. It’s made more Millionaires than any other business in history. So as an investor, when do you start getting those huge checks? When do you see the massive profits that will make you a Millionaire?


Your buyers write you your huge paychecks. That’s what’s so exciting about the selling side of investing, it’s when you Get Paid! Can you imagine someone just handing you a check for $20,000? And if that’s possible, then why not have 2 or 3 people every month handing you checks like that? Let’s look at how you can set up a Machine that churns out those huge checks for you every month!

We’re Brian and Lynette, The Wolff Couple! You may have met us at one of Ron LeGrand’s events, or maybe you’ve seen us somewhere else like YouTube. We’ve personally closed over $100 million in real estate deals, and we’ve taught alongside Ron for the past 14 years. At his Quick Start School Ron has us teaching all his incoming students how to sell homes fast!”

We LOVE the selling side of the Pretty House business, where you collect big checks from Lease Purchase Buyers. You want a thriving Pretty House Investing Business too, so what will stop you?

Biggest Pretty House Career Killers

  1. Fear of Talking to Sellers
  2. Fear of “Pulling the Trigger”

You need to replace these fears with confidence. When you have a true system in place to sell fast, a Home Selling Machine, it fills you with confidence. That’s because you have qualified buyers with huge checks waiting for you to find them new homes!

You’ll be massively motivated to get on the phone with sellers, and you’ll be pulling every trigger you can! Armed with the knowledge that a big check is just waiting for you, nothing will hold you back!

We want to give you supreme confidence by teaching you exactly how to build your own “Million Dollar Machine”. Whether you like numbers or not, you’re going to love these numbers:

The Million Dollar Machine
Goal — 3 Pretty House Deals per Month

Cash Now = $30,000 – $90,000+
> 3 Non-Refundable Option Deposits, $10,000 – $30,000 each
Cash Later = $60,000 – $150,000+
> 3 Back End Paydays, $20,000 – $50,000 each
Cash Flow = $300 – $1500+
> 3 Monthly Rent Payments, with NO Repairs Ever Needed

Average Profit per Deal = $30,000 (example shows $10,000 down, $20,000 back end)
3 Deals per Month X 12 Months = 36 Deals per Year

36 Deals X $10,000 Average Option Deposit = $360,000 Instant CASH!
36 Deals X $20,000 Average Back End Profit = $720,000 Growing Wealth
36 Deals X $300 Average Monthly Cash Flow = $10,800 Passive Income/Month

Total Profit in CASH and Equity = $1,080,000 in ONE YEAR + Monthly Cash Flow

The Million Dollar Machine produces multiple deals monthly, big cash in a little time, and your dream life! We hope you really grasp the gravity of these numbers, and the fact that they could be real for you. Even if you have a more modest goal of 1 deal per month, you’re still looking at over $350,000 profit per year!

But to keep the Million Dollar Machine running, what is crucial? What is the biggest threat, what is the BOTTLENECK that clogs up the Machine?

Holding Homes That Won’t Sell! — 30, 60, 90+ Days

Some beginning investors are so scared of this that they can’t pull the trigger on their first deal. They have what we call “First Deal-itis”. We understand, because about 15 years ago we went through the exact same thing. There are definitely some…

Scary Things About Not Selling Fast:

  1. Making Payments on a Vacant House
  2. Stuck Long-Term with a “Money Pit”
  3. Wasted Hours & Weekends Trying to Sell
  4. Disappointing the Seller, Losing the Deal
  5. One House Sucks Up All Investing Time
  6. Living Under Constant Stress

What is the truly Scary Result? Your marketing to buy houses stops, and the whole Machine grinds to a halt! You aren’t closing multiple deals per month, you’re lucky to close one deal every few months.

You only need to find 3 Lease Purchase Buyers per month with $10,000 or more down to have your own Million Dollar Machine. What is the secret to finding and closing these Buyers?

Buyers buy on emotion, and the biggest emotion they feel is “F.O.M.O.” — Fear Of Missing Out. To sell fast you need to build the F.O.M.O. by building a sense of URGENCY in your Buyers. The absolute best way to do that is…

The 1-Hour Open House Plan!

Your goal is to drive a thunderous herd to the Open House, where they bid on the down payment! Do it our way to always sell fast, and find multiple buyers from each Open House. Plus you’ll even HAVE FUN while you make huge paydays!

It so happens that Ron and we will be doing a LIVE Simulcast on this topic of selling homes fast, coming up on Tuesday, April 11 from 12 noon to 2 pm EST. You can’t afford to miss it, because we’ll have 2 whole hours together and we’ll even be taking your questions LIVE!

Here’s a few of our Open House Techniques we’ll be covering – Create a Spectacle (Go Big or Go Home!), Compress the Time (Keep Open Houses to Only 1 Hour), Use “Urgency” Body Language (hurry around, use rushed/hushed tones), Promote Competition (get many Prospects filling out apps simultaneously, point out other serious buyers). Ron and us will also be covering these great benefits:

Investor Benefits from 1-Hour Open Houses:

  • Takes Care of Steps 4-7 of the 10 Steps to Sell Homes
  • Builds a 6-Figure Buyers List in 1 Weekend
  • Gives the Confidence to Pay Pretty House Sellers Full Price
  • Pulls In the Most Possible CASH Down on Lease Purchases
  • Floods Your Open Houses with Qualified Buyers
  • Grows a Massive Referral Base for FREE Deals
  • Eliminates Vacancies AND Repairs!
  • Builds $10,000 per Month Passive Income in 1 Year
  • Gives Peace of Mind When 70% of Homes Are Sold Before You Buy Them

When you start using the 1-Hour Open Houses it’ll change your whole approach to the business, it will wipe away the fear. Knowing you can reliably sell your Pretty Houses for huge profits on the first weekend gives you the confidence you need as an investor.

The Machine IS the game-changer you’ve been looking and hoping for. It will kill off any symptoms of “First Deal-itis you may have had. It will also give you a big sense of urgency to get out there and find some Pretty Houses to buy!

Learn more about our “1-Hour Home Selling Machine” on our LIVE Simulcast coming up next Tuesday, April 11, from 12 noon to 2 pm. Ron will be joining us LIVE with his insights as well. He’ll also be asking YOUR questions LIVE for an exciting Q & A Session addressing everything you need to know.

Register Now or by calling Lenny at 800-567-6128.

Use the techniques we covered here, and join us for many more money-making strategies. We want you to have everything you need to build your own Million Dollar Machine!

So, be sure to Register Now!

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