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Home » Training » Lesson 205- Using Facebook to Advertise Real Estate

Lesson 205- Using Facebook to Advertise Real Estate

Using Facebook to Get Homes SOLD

Targeted advertising is by far the most effective way to reach lease option tenant buyers. Facebook is on the leading edge of being able to target your ads. You know your prospective buyer is on Facebook! Find them by specifying income categories, locations, and a whole host of other demographics. You can even target people considered “likely to move” based on a complex formula Facebook has secured to help advertisers. This video will help you dial in very specifically to who you want to attract for purchasing your houses while at the same time helping you build a massive buyers list and making it far easier later on to get those homes SOLD!

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11 Responses to Lesson 205- Using Facebook to Advertise Real Estate

  1. Barbara Cockrell says:

    This is a great video that shows you in detail how to do the Facebook targeted ads! Great job Joel.

  2. James Beutler says:

    Thanks Joel!
    I launched an ad on Sunday with my homes for sale, and am still waiting, waiting… for FB to “verify payment method”.
    Today is Thursday and I wanted the ad to run Sunday through Wed.
    Any pointers on this? I don’t see much about it online.
    As soon as I finalized the ad, my account was immediately blocked. They wanted a photo ID for me personally. Then a password reset. Then, to “verify payment” a copy of a bill showing my name, business name, billing address and last 4 of credit card.

  3. Jermon Clayborn says:

    Very informative video many thanks!

  4. Aaron Anderson says:

    I’m not sure if I’m excited as a marketer that FB has such detailed information on its users… or if I’m intimidated as a consumer that they have more data on me than the NSA!!!

  5. Michael Sebastiani says:

    Great video Joel. Thank you for spending your time and sharing your talent with us in Ron’s world.

  6. Anna Dempich says:

    Very informative. Thank you for the great information to use Facebook.

  7. Spencer Harte Morgan says:

    Never thought of using FB this way. Yes, they gather all of this data on you, on everyone. But it seems like a quality tool for moving inventory. Nice video!

  8. Bella Chartrand says:

    Who knew! FB for making money and advertising properties! I’ve not been active with my ‘Social Media’ site for years, but am motivated to use it for this for sure!

  9. Bella Chartrand says:

    Thank you, Joe. This video is packed with good info. I caught so much more watching it the 2nd time around. And what a great idea to target Hispanics because they are such great people, hard working, and the ‘nemrods’ (lol-haven’t heard that term in years!) at the banks are really doing themselves a diservice by not approving them. But, just more prospects for us to help;)

  10. Theodora Sakkos says:

    Thanks Joel! Great info!!!

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