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Home » Training » Weekly Lesson Videos » Weekly Lesson – Finding a Real Estate Attorney

Weekly Lesson – Finding a Real Estate Attorney

In this week’s lesson, Ron is showing you how to find a good real estate closing attorney and what questions to ask to screen them.

Gold Club Members, as you know we are always striving to bring you great lessons, but we want to know what you really have questions on. What lessons or updates would you like to see, write in to us at ask@ronsgoldclub.com.

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4 Responses to Weekly Lesson – Finding a Real Estate Attorney

  1. Alexandre Pierre says:

    Thanks Ron, great information just what I needed in reference to closing attorney.

  2. Bella Chartrand says:

    Thanks, Ron. This is very helpful in knowing just what to say when looking for a knowledgeable attorney who understands what we do.

  3. Jamie Floyd says:

    This is the exact script I was looking for!

    I’ll gladly pay for this Gold Club every month!

    Can’t beat the resources you get

    Thanks a million Mr Ron Legrand

  4. Charlene King says:

    Thank you Ron. I appreciate hat fact that you’re willing to share such valuable information. The more you give, the more you will receive in some many ways. You’re awesome! Keep up the great work. Once again, thank you for sharing your years of real estate experience, wisdom and knowledge. Charlene King

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