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Home » Training » Gold Club How To Videos » FSBO Lead Service Tutorial

FSBO Lead Service Tutorial

Activating your FSBO Lead Service only takes a few moments. Watch this short tutorial video on how to select your counties of choice, activate your service and begin receiving leads right away.

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150 Responses to FSBO Lead Service Tutorial

  1. Kristine Pitts says:

    Lookisceasybenough to set up. Looking forward to seein the results

  2. Laura Perkinson says:

    I have activated mine! I can’t wait to start getting leads! Thanks Ron and staff!

  3. Tommy Vise says:

    How much does this cost?

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Tommy, the lead service is a newly added benefit to the services you already receive with your Gold Club membership. All you have to do is activate it by choosing the 2 counties of your choice!

  4. Tina Houston says:

    Activated mine and it’s great. I have leads coming in overdrive. And Tommy, we get two counties entered in for free. LOVING IT!

  5. Paul Koch says:

    Although a long-time coming, it should be a great benefit to all members, &, another great benefit of Ron’s Gold Club !

  6. Glenn Hargis says:

    sounds good.

  7. Timothy Munson says:

    Great News! I just activated mine! Really excited about getting the FSBO leads.

    Where will the leads appear, on the Gold Club site or in our default email entered in out Gold Club Account?

  8. Joshua Cochran says:

    What a great service! Thank you Ron and Team for providing this! Hope to get up and running soon!

  9. Joshua Cochran says:

    Anybody in the upstate of SC who already knows the ropes and can show me first hand how to do this?

  10. Jeffrey Richman says:

    I just activated my FSBO service and am very excited about the leads that I’m going to get.

    I am curious where the leads are being pulled from.

  11. Paul White says:

    As I pull leads from several places, it would be good to know where these FSBO leads are coming from. Thanks a lot.

  12. Fernando Calderon says:

    Very interesting, I just signed up, let’s hope something great comes out of this!

    A quick suggestion for Ron’s stuff. There is a great tool called http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/ where you can record the screen up to 15 min for free. This way your videos will look 10 times better than videotaping the screen

  13. Larry Wethington says:

    Hi Debbie,
    How do I access my leads? I got them activated.

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Larry, so sorry to only see your comment now. I’m sure by now you’ve found them in your email inbox! Thanks!

  14. Ofelia Butac says:

    Hi Debbie,
    I am from Ontario Canada. How can I get leads from Ontario Canada

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Ofelia, we may have already helped you as I know we have recently set up a fellow Canadian, but if not, we need the first 3 digits of the postal codes you would like to receive leads from. Send us several and we’ll get you setup. If you have questions, call our office at 888-840-8389 and ask for Nicholas! Thank you!

    • Michael Cadotte says:

      Hi Ofelia, my name is Mike Cadotte from Ottawa. i am new to ROn’s World and would like to connect with you if you are still active in the business. Please txt me (819.247.4128) or email me at mcadotte@mirofunding.com.

  15. Angelina Bianchino says:

    Activated mine and started getting leads in. I am so glad I am aquatinted with Ron LeGrand. He is so much better than those so called gurus out there. I learn a lot from him. Thanks Ron!!

  16. Thabata Dorce says:

    I’ve activated my FSBO lead service. Thank you for this great service. I do have at least one question though, but I’ll post it on the Ask Ron section if it’s not already answered. Thanks for all your creative, hard and diligent work you guys!

  17. Les Williams says:

    My service is activated!!!! Was that easy? Yep. Let’s get this party started!!!

  18. John Hyde says:

    Sound like a great way to get started as you build other marketing campaigns.

  19. Daniel Holmes says:

    I too am excited about the leads that I am the FSBO Leads. However, I would like to know the email subject to look for, because I might have already deleted some Leads. I hope not. But what email subject should I look for?

  20. Stephen Kiern says:

    Daniel Holmes:
    The daily leads, generated by Ron’s Gold Club FSBO Lead Service, will be FROM “report@ronsgoldclub.com.”
    The SUBJECT will be “New FSBO Properties.”
    I activated my two counties (South of Nashville, Tennessee) the day the service became available. My wife and I have been very pleased with the number of FSBO leads we have received.
    Once you start, be sure to: 

    (A) Have Ron’s VA’s call for you; or, 

    (B) Have all of Ron’s necessary scripts in front of you when you make the calls.
    Remember what Ron says: It’s a numbers game.
    Happy Hunting!

  21. John Schumacher says:

    What a great benefit. As if the Gold Club wasn’t already a great value…this is just over the top! Thanks Ron!

  22. Roshaunda Banks says:

    Thank you so much for your detailed training on the FSBO section.

  23. Chyanne Ford says:

    This is an awesome addition

  24. Shay Lance says:

    Wow! Another Gold Club bonus! Tx Ron!

  25. Alex Hargrave says:

    Great Tutorial. Thanks for providing this service. I am looking forward to receiving these leads. Thanks again.

  26. Brandden Shandler says:

    Is FSBO lead service available in Canada?

    • Debbie says:

      Yes, it is Brandden. Please send us the first 3 digits of the postal codes you’d like to receive leads from and we’ll get you set up. If you have questions, please call 888-840-8389 and speak to Nicholas! He will set them for you! Thanks

  27. Matt Prchal says:

    I tried to activate this service today and it was only showing counties in Tennessee… I don’t live in Tennessee.. I checked my account to make sure that my address and state is correct, which it is. How can I switch it so my state?

    • Matt Prchal says:

      Sorry, I figured it out. Rather than searching the list that it gave me, I just typed my counties into the bar and it found them in my state. Thanks!

  28. Manjeet Sandhu says:

    Is FSBO lead service available in Canada?

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Manjeet, yes it is! Please send us the first 3 digits of the postal codes you’d like to receive leads from and we’ll get you set up. If you have questions, please call 888-840-8389 and speak to Nicholas! He will set them for you! Thanks

  29. Andrew Young says:

    Great video I actually did this when I signed up

  30. Matt Prchal says:

    What website are these leads pulled from? I’m lucy if I get two leads per day.. It definitely is a nice service though!

  31. Tim Launhardt says:

    Thank you! What an awesome gift!!

  32. Debbie says:

    For those who’ve asked, we find the leads on nearly 1800 online publications such as newspapers, magazines, classifieds sites, craigslist, Zillow, and many more.

  33. Lucinda White says:

    We are new to the real estate business. Just now getting leads. So far so good. Cant wait to get started. Thanks Debbie and Ron.

  34. Fabian Wilcher says:

    I’m like a kid in a candy store right now “Wow”

  35. Jeff Wiresinger says:

    This is a GREAT BENEFIT!!!

  36. Maurice Carey says:

    Maurice Carey
    I don’t find any FSBOs. My lead Realtor listings. Why?

  37. Maurice Carey says:

    Maurice Carey
    Let me clarify my typos. My two counties are Maricopa county and Pima county, both in Arizona. All the leads I looked at were “listings” with Realtors. How do I get actual FSBOs?

  38. Maurice Carey says:

    Maurice Carey
    I see these are actual FSBOs and they are listed but not with Realtors, very clever Ron!

  39. Jeff Wiresinger says:

    Man this great training!!!!

  40. Sandra Nesbitt says:

    I just signed up. How long will it take before I receive fsbo leads?

  41. Raymond Woo says:

    Awesome Feature. Leads use to be a problem.

  42. Ken Chavez says:

    We already have the VA service activated and have been using it. It’s helpful and it shows that most of the work does have to be done by us–the VA won’t do it all, nor should she (he). Helpful video.

  43. Bryan Davis says:

    This is a really cool fringe benefit to an already awesome resource! Thanks for always improving the Gold Club.

  44. Jeff Gorley says:

    Great video, I received my first FSBO leads today. Can a link to the FSBO listing be added to the leads email in the future? This would allow members to see photos (if available) by clicking on the link. This is a great FSBO lead generating service.

  45. Ken Chavez says:

    I know the number of leads we get depends on what’s available in the areas I specify, and how willing the owners are to work with me, but it seems that there are more days without leads than with. Is there any good way to increase the lead sheets the VA sends on to me?

  46. Mark Rieger says:

    Wow! What a response. Now, if you can just get Beverly this excited….!

  47. Denise Southard says:

    Where is the script to use when calling FSBOs so I can train my VA? Please tell me the name of the script so I can locate it. Thanks.

  48. Laurie Ryan says:

    Love the lead service!!! What a great addition to the goldclub site!!! Thank you Global Staff…I get most days 8-10 leads…

  49. Rosa Viveros says:

    It is a nice lead service.

  50. Aaron Anderson says:

    Leads to my inbox every morning?!?!? This is all manner of awesomeness! The only disadvantage is sorting the leads that are empty land. Not sure what to do with those yet.

    • Tony Cadwell says:

      Hello Aaron;

      One thought would be to punch a simple road, build a small RV pad and sell them to prepers who are looking for a cheap, set up bug out spot with their RV’s. Just a thought…….

      • Aaron Anderson says:

        I actually found a builder that was looking for vacant land so I sell my leads to him for $25 a pop.

      • Bella Chartrand says:

        I am TOTALLY enjoying this lead service! It sends everything…Worth the membership to the Gold Club Site for this feature alone.

      • Bella Chartrand says:

        Great idea, Tony! I’m a prepper and would LOVE to find something like that to set up a bug out location.

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