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Ron’s Panel Discussion

Ron LeGrand, Wolff Couple, Jay Conner, Todd Foster, and Real Estate Steve Szumigale.
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8 Responses to Ron’s Panel Discussion

  1. Anders Karlsson says:


  2. Joseph M'Mwirichia says:

    This was refreshing…

  3. John Hastie says:

    Great/ FUN panel filled with wisdom.

  4. Michael Lamothe says:

    I just bought Ron’s book The Less I do The More I Make – I can’t wait to dig in, That is going to be my new Mantra!!

  5. Fernando Diaz says:

    Great panel and know for being so transparent

  6. Doreen Curtis says:

    I just made a $5400.00 mistake signing up with another company. Borrow money for Ron’s and the Wollf’s training. Almost a month now and waiting for some help! Lost and need help Please!! CC maxed out and I still need to sign up for the Dream system

  7. Doreen Curtis says:

    Hello So far, I feel like the child that left behind. How soon after the training will I be sign to a mentor?

  8. Michael Cellini says:

    Thank you!

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