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About Ron LeGrand’s Gold Club

Ron LeGrand’s Gold Club includes all this and more…

  • Monthly newsletter by mail with special lessons from me in real estate and lessons from other world-class experts in asset protection, multiple unknown income streams, internet marketing, making money on eBay, business growth, personal development, health issues and much more. I even write a column called “If I Were President,” and there’s one called “From Behind Bars,” written by and incarcerated ex-tycoon on the mistakes he made and what it’s like behind bars. You’ve never seen a newsletter like The Mentor.
  • Special CD mailed each month for members only with a new seminar on an income-producing lesson by myself or my experts.
  • Your own membership site loaded with free resources and thousands of dollars in free, ongoing training on real estate, internet marketing and numerous income producers.
  • Monthly drawings and contests with big prizes.
  • 10-80% discounts on a mountain of items from national companies and our world-class faculty.
  • Members only annual convention in Orlando or Las Vegas.
  • Affiliate rights and training on how to use them to make a nice, home-based, part-time income. All members will receive an affiliate license to refer members through your own affiliate link. You simply give out the links we assign you to all of your friends, relatives and customers and every time one of them joins my Gold Club, you get paid $50.00 plus 50% of any product sales you refer.
  • Huge Forms and Agreements Library – If you need any kind of an agreement or form to do almost anything in real estate and business, you’ll find it in this library, including all my own copyrighted agreements, which are separated from the rest in a category of their own. You’ll even find 593 business letters in one section. You name it, it’s here. It also includes a Canadian real estate agreement section for my Canadian students, and all are set up for you to change or fill in the blanks and print.
  • Over 600 Business Letters – These letters, forms, notices and agreements cover virtually every conceivable aspect of a business – from client sales and customer service to administrative, HR, and partnership agreements. Text based and easily customized to your specific needs.
  • Proof of Funds for any real estate deal. Simply enter your name, property address (if applicable) and an amount up to $600,000, and a signed letter will be generated for you.
  • Private Lender Website to help you *legally* recruit private lenders for that small percentage of deals that do require money. Simply drive traffic to this website, and you’ll have more private money than you can handle.