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Gold Club Affiliate Program

Why You’ll Want To Enhance Your Membership By Becoming A Gold Club Affiliate

If you’ve never earned a dollar through an affiliate program before, joining Ron LeGrand’s Gold Club Affiliate program is a great way to be introduced to the concept and get started. There’s nothing to pay, and as a Gold Club member in good standing, there’s no easier way to make money. It’s as simple as referring friends, colleagues, and acquaintances who have expressed an interest in real estate, business or online sales to membership in the Gold Club.

Register today and we’ll provide you with everything you’ll need. You’ll receive a customized Gold Club registration link that you can add to emails, your website, blog, Facebook page or anywhere that you post online. When your referral uses that link to register for Gold Club membership, you will automatically be credited and an affiliate commission check for $25.00 will be sent your way every month your referral remains a member.

As a certified Gold Club affiliate, you’ll also be invited to participate in promoting key Ron LeGrand products and regional training events, where your referrals can generate significant returns dependent on the level of the sale.

So why not take that first step to a new source of income? Click here to become a Gold Club Affiliate today.