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The Mentor

The Mentor Podcast 91: Automating Your Leads Using Chatbots

Ron LeGrand: Hello, my name is Ron LeGrand! Welcome to another edition of The Mentor Podcast where we’re doing everything we can to help you make more money, keep more of it, and retire filthy stinking rich. Matt Leitz: Amen. … Read more »

The Mentor Podcast 80: Tools and Apps for Doing Your Deals Remotely, with Sophia Grigio

Ron: I have Sophia Grigio on the phone with me today because she was such a hit at our Summit. She came on, and talked about how she does business virtually, which is the sign of our times and how … Read more »

The Mentor Podcast- 73: Airbnb’s, Vacation Homes and Short-Term Rentals, with Eric Moeller

Ron: Well hello everybody! Welcome to another edition of The Mentor Podcast. This is Ron LeGrand and I have Eric Moeller on the phone today to talk about vacation rentals, short-term rentals, or whatever you choose to call them. It seems … Read more »

The Mentor Podcast 60 Resourcefulness is the Ultimate Resource: Investment Strategies, with Tim Bratz

Ron: Well, hello everybody. Welcome to another issue of The Mentor Podcast. This is Ron LeGrand and I have Tim Bratz on the phone here today, and he’s got a very interesting subject to discuss. In fact, you should listen … Read more »

Episode 62: Using Land Trusts to Protect Yourself and Your Properties, with Randy Hughes

Introduction:  Welcome to the mentor podcast. Where the most highly motivated entrepreneurs come to get their weekly dose of financial stability with host Ron LeGrand, as well as other nationally recognized thought leaders. Who will teach you how to get, … Read more »

Episode 56: Painful but Valuable Lessons with Lee Kearney – The Mentor Podcast

Ron: Well hello everybody, this is Ron LeGrand back again with another exciting episode on the Mentor Podcast today because I have a very special guest, whom you’re going to love if you want to make REAL serious money. Our … Read more »

Episode 41: Structuring Your Empire – The Mentor Podcast

                Ron: Hey everybody, it’s Ron here. I get a lot of requests to do a class on structuring your empire and entity structuring stuff, so I’ll do one for you here. Before I do, I want you to know … Read more »