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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – Kent Palmer, Beloit, WI – Follow-up

Millionaire in the Making – Kent Palmer, Beloit, WI – Follow-up

Hello Wolff Couple,

I have chills running down my spine as I am typing this to you guys, because I am so excited.  As a result of your direction and encouragement to take action, I had a $37,000.00 payday today!!!!!!!!!

I placed a pretty house under a Sandwich Lease Option Purchase Contract and found a happy tenant/buyer who gave me a non-refundable option fee of $37,000.00!!!!!!!! I had a total of approximately two hours involved in this deal to make that kind of money.  I am hooked for life! You’re going to see a lot more of me around. I was thinking, I used to work for 16 years as a Juvenile Detention Officer with a college degree and made around $39,000 per year, and that’s before taxes. I netted more in one day than I made in 1 year at my past occupation; isn’t that crazy!

This couldn’t have come at a better time, with the loss of my girlfriend’s sister and taking in her daughter, I am able to pay off all the funeral expenses and other unexpected costs due to her passing. I will never forget the first day I met you guys at the Boot Camp in California, and Brian encouraging me to sign up with your Mentoring Program.  It’s the best thing I ever did!

Oh, I did not have the money by the way! When I got back home, I borrowed it from my Dad,  and guess what, yup, he is paid off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much Wolff Couple, Your Millionaire in the Making…… music to my ears!!

Kent Palmer

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8 Responses to Millionaire in the Making – Kent Palmer, Beloit, WI – Follow-up

  1. Joe Gilmack says:

    Way to go Kent!!! You hit the ball out of the park on this one…BOOM!!!

  2. Alex Vaneck says:

    Wow, my condolences to you and your girlfriend. Thanks for sharing Kent, keeps my spirits up to get out there and make things happen. My turn next!!


    Congrats Kent, job well done.

  4. Todd Smith says:

    Wow, way to go; congratulations! Keep it up!

  5. Tracy Day says:

    Great job!

  6. Barbara Carten says:

    Inspirational! Congratulations!

  7. Tom Pratto says:

    Nice job. Keep up the great work.

  8. Eric Murphy says:

    inspirational! is right…it’s all about the freedom to do what you want to do and the ability to do what needs to be done!!

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