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Home » Training » Lesson 194 – Getting To the Next Level

Lesson 194 – Getting To the Next Level

The following is a portion of Ron’s Getting to the Next Level class, taken at the Great American Real Estate Summit 2016


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4 Responses to Lesson 194 – Getting To the Next Level

  1. Jermon Clayborn says:

    Wonder story!!!

  2. Bella Chartrand says:

    Loved the inspiring story in the beginning…love your energy and frankness with which you just tell it like it is, Ron.
    My favorite quote regarding the being on time bit is from Vince Lumbardi, “If you’re 5 minutes early, you’re already 10 minutes late.” 😉

  3. Bella Chartrand says:

    Delegation is a beautiful thing.

  4. Ken Pinkney says:

    This is very inspirational!!!! Great content Ron.

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