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Home » Training » Residential Real Estate » Quick Start Real Estate » Lesson 007. Prescreening Ugly Houses

Lesson 007. Prescreening Ugly Houses

Ron teaches you how to make all cash offers on MLS, bank owned and auction properties with “the big gaps” – those that are listed well below where the ARV (After Repairs Value) would place the market value of the house.

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100 Responses to Lesson 007. Prescreening Ugly Houses

  1. Thomas Erb says:

    This is really good stuff. Now I know how I can work with realtors. Getting this started fast

  2. Erik Whiteman says:

    Nice way to narrow down the pre screening options

  3. Valerie Newman says:

    More GREAT information!!! Very through and informative. I love this training!!!


    Can it be that easy? I like it, stay away from the major rehabs. Thanks Ron

    • Quentin/Kristina Freeman/Mohammed says:

      I guess it really is that easy. When we first started learning real estate, rehabs made everything seem so much more complicated than what it is. We were learning rehabs were a must in order to make big profits but Ron teaches different which I can appreciate.

      • Arthur Hardy says:

        @Quentin/Kristina Freeman/Mohammed Everything is more complicated when you dont know how to do it yet The more you know the more you can do and the less confusing it becomes and the way to big profits are right there

  5. Constance McCullough says:

    It’s great to know there’s a large market out there without the rehab!

    • Quentin/Kristina Freeman/Mohammed says:

      I agree. Excluding the rehab excludes a lot of risks, which is what I like hearing.

  6. Scott Burton says:

    thanks for the info ron. very insightful.

  7. Aliyah Nicole says:

    Great info! I Needed to know this.

  8. Latrice Smith says:

    Thanks for the Do’s and Don’t of Prescreening and what exactly to request from agents.

    • Mr. Ross says:

      know what to ask is vital folks ..

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @Latrice I agree the Do’s and Don’t of Prescreening and what exactly to request from agents is great stuff and very very helpful for beginners and vets alike.

    • John Rogers says:

      Looking for the houses with the big gap between the ARV and asking price. Look for properties with very little rehab, unless you are a skilled investor. Good info.

  9. Cresencio Mandujano says:

    Thank you for another great lesson

  10. Kui Song says:

    Great information! even after I’ve been trained from others so-called “experts”.

    • Mr. Ross says:

      yeah ron lays it out so easy to understand

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @Kui Song amazingly it turns out that many of the other teachers were taught by Ron. I think they have to try to do their own thing and the fact is it’s not better than Ron.

  11. Taj Mohamed says:

    I have a bank owned prospect in the pipe that fits this exactly… Awesome stuff!

  12. Sandra Kenney says:

    Thanks! Ron

  13. Miko Rudzki says:

    Great Video.

  14. Quentin/Kristina Freeman/Mohammed says:

    Great stuff! Very supplemental.

  15. Desiree Kinnard says:

    Each lesson gets better and better. My confidence level is going through the roof. I love the teaching!

  16. John Rogers says:

    OK. I can look for the prettier “ugly houses” in this market.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @John Rogers I think we may be re-inventing the wheel a bit unless i don’t understand what you really mean by a prettier ugly house

  17. Tracy Day says:

    good info-thanks Ron.

  18. Mr. Ross says:

    cant wait until i get my first ugly house

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Mr. Ross i have to ask Mr. Ross now that a year has passed are you done with your first ugly house and can you tell us how it went for you? If not can you tell us whats up?

  19. James Noullet says:

    This is really helpful to me, thanks Ron

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ James Noullet you are so right James this video on how to pre-screen an ugly house and find the money making potential is really great and easy to understand

  20. Ron Caruthers says:

    Appreciate the update to really only go after ‘ugly’ houses that need less than 10k of work. Also appreciated Ron stating the he really only works in about 5 zip codes to get all the houses he needs. Very wise.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Ron Caruthers i agree with you Ron the LeGrand method of only going after ‘ugly’ houses that need less than 10k of work makes sense as they should be easier to turn around

  21. KJ Roberts says:

    On the hunt for a realtor deal

  22. Lawrence Harris says:

    so true

  23. Matthew Hell says:

    One of the authors in the book The New Masters of Real Estate are awesome at wholesaling. He has a cool site at marketinghousesatnorisk.com

    check it out. WE like it.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Matthew Hell i appreciate your pointing out this additional web site but speaking from my own experience the one thing i have done wrong in this business is trying too many things at once

  24. Matthew Hell says:

    I’m excited to get enough money in my IRA to buy houses out of it. Then, I don’t have to look for a cash investor any more. It will be a proud moment.

    • Arthur Hardy says:

      @ Matthew Hell i agree that is a great goal to have more than enough money in your IRA for the houses you want to buy and hold or buy and fix up and sell Good luck to you

  25. Meline St. Pierre says:

    I am getting more confident to be in this market thanks to you Ron….

  26. Kimberly York says:

    I was beginning to think my zip-code analysis was paralysis of analysis, but I see the you really should do that kind of market research to know where the desirable areas are. Convenience to your own home is also a consideration. Asking your buyers where they want to buy and the zips they target is also a good barometer of what areas you need to be making your offers.

  27. Samantha Miller says:

    I actually contacted a few asset managers who do inspections for HUD and Reo homes and asked them to scout vacant for me while their working This has been a nice source of leads

  28. Keith Weaver says:

    Looking for all cash deals. I think I’m going to do this.

    1. Gap between ARV and the Asking Price.
    2. Good Area using zip codes
    3. Time on the Market
    4. No Major Rehabs.

    I like Ron’s new way of doing rehabs.

  29. Karri Lewis says:

    What is the preferable ARV minus repairs spread? And is it the same for wholesaling?

  30. Tom Holyfield says:

    Do what you do do well!!

  31. Jim Dahl says:

    Thanks Ron. I agree on the rehab part; keep it simple and quick. Clean, paint, kitchen, baths in nice shape. No smell or new smell!

  32. Connor Steinbrook says:

    Gonna change my strategy after this video thanks Ron

  33. Vivian Williams-Farnsworth says:

    Thank you for the great in sight, junkers for today market.

  34. Calvin F says:

    The longer a property sits on the market can be very beneficial to the patient investor. His or her lower offer can be accepted compared to higher offers that were denied by other investors in the early stages. Good point!!!!

  35. Terrell Way says:

    great info!!

  36. Tal Gintel says:

    Good points Thanks Much

  37. Brandon Dickman says:

    Great insight, Thanks again!

  38. Ron Taylor says:

    Obviously, many of these video are several years old. While some of the content may still be relevant, the sound quality is terrible. Many of them sound like Ron’s in a tunnel. Hopefully his tech person is current on doing quality video with visual and sound. A $40 mic from Wal-Mart would hurt.

  39. Graziano Pietropaolo says:

    In the market in 2015, are still valid selection parametersfor ugly houses ?

  40. Shawnna Johnson says:

    Thank you for the Information! Beneficial as always! 🙂

  41. Brad Addis says:

    Key selection criteria – size of the gap in ARV and asking price. Property listed well below the ARV is most attractive. Focus should be descent property in nice neighborhoods. Good areas are where qualified buyers want to buy. Property that has been on the market for 6 to 9 months are often bargains. Avoid rehabs unless lots of profit after fix up!

  42. Jesse Toms says:

    So what ur I’m going to ask an agent is for houses where there’s a gap between the arv and the asking price and ones that have been on the market for longer

  43. Jesse Toms says:

    And ones that arn’t major rehabs

  44. Bella Chartrand says:

    LOVE the idea of waiting to make offers on properties after 6 months after the dust settles. Timing’s everything.

  45. Aaron Anderson says:

    Im loving this! Looks like I will have to get back into the ugly house business.

  46. Kevina Litaba says:

    Now I know one reason why many people have failed in the past in this business. I was taught to look for properties in MLS that are very newly listed. I tried and when this method didn’t work, I gave up. In wholesaling, looks this doesn’t work. I’m grateful for my mentor Ron.

    • Nick and Kristen Rosu says:

      Expired listings can be a lucrative biz. By the time we 20 – 30 calls, well, confidence start to take place.

  47. Rod McMasters McMasters says:

    I love the common sense factor. A major time saver.

  48. Aaron Anderson says:

    This is what I need to get down! I love the idea of making offers from my iPad and go from there.

  49. Aaron Anderson says:

    I have avoided using realtors all these years doing this business. Time to change my ways.

    Good stuff!

  50. David Hillhouse says:

    Personally, I still wouldn’t want to work with Realtors. I’m more comfortable talking directly with the owner / seller.
    Plus, I can get a much better deal when there’n not that 6% commission involved.
    But overall, great information that I can use!

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