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Home » Resources » Just For Fun » An Inside Look at the Man, the Guru, the Husband, the Father, Ron LeGrand

An Inside Look at the Man, the Guru, the Husband, the Father, Ron LeGrand

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69 Responses to An Inside Look at the Man, the Guru, the Husband, the Father, Ron LeGrand

  1. Judy Rounseville says:


    I watch it 3 times already since yesterday. I am surrounded with negative people everyday that is why I nee this kind everyday to survive and be wealthy in the near future through real estate, like Ron Legrand , my model.

    Ron, you have the heart of helping and guiding your students. I’m bless I found you and be one of your students.

    thank you very much Ron,


  2. Eric Sandhaus says:

    We were truly honored when we were asked to be interviewed for this documentary.

    Eric and I feel very fortunate to have joined the Ron LeGrand organization, everyone at Global has been so helpful

    There is no other organization that supports their students the way you and Global do.

    Every time I watch this documentary it brings a tear to my eye when you tell the story about the washing machine. I can relate to it.

    Now we have the opportunity to Partner with you and that is an Honor and will make us a boat load of Money

    Thank You so Much

    Barry & Eric Sandhaus
    Homes To Own ,LLC
    Apopka , FL

  3. Jack Nesbitt says:

    That was so inspiring to watch. What a memory. I’ll bet all your kids and grandkids are so proud. Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Fran Robinson says:



    Jacksonville, Fl

  5. Alex Manolis says:


    Especially the statement “you’ve to suck before you get better” I’m trying to keep the faith.


  6. Michael Maurer Maurer says:

    Very good encouragement Ron… Everyone starts somewhere..

  7. Grant Edwards says:

    I’m in New Zealand and I want to say, thank you for this video. Watching positive stuff like this is like putting on amour to protect my mind from negativity. I joined the Gold Club and started learning from Ron in January this year and I am pleased to say that today my lawyer just deposited into my bank account $6,500 for an assignment fee on my first property; it’s not much but it’s given me the confidence to stay with it. I’ve had local lawyers wreak a number of deals during my learning until now. Thanks again Ron and team. Grant

    • Atanas Dyulgerov says:

      Hey Grant, congratulations on your first deal! I am in Australia and it is nice to see that Ron’s teachings work in this side of the globe too. I am just starting out myself and would love to learn about your journey. If you’re keen, my email is atanas.dyu@gmail.com
      Hope to hear from you, mate.

  8. Dianna Munoz says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring story. I’m so glad I’ve decided to become a part of your “family” and can’t wait to complete boot camp , leave my JOB and do what I love with people I admire and respect. Thanks, again for your inspiration.

  9. Sabrina Jones says:

    Very inspiring gave the push i need to know
    I can change my family life in my real-estate
    just need to stop being cared to make that first step.

    Thanks very much

  10. Judy Rounseville says:

    Great Grant!! Same here, iust starting out too.Thanks to Ron!

  11. Thomas Andersen says:

    I loved your story. Thank you Ron !

  12. Ruben Newson says:

    Ron Thank you for your video. I need it!

  13. Brad Addis says:

    Belated Happy Anniversary! What is unique is that you have not created a real estate business, but you have built an organization that offers inspiration and the tools to unlock the natural talent within others. Knowledge transfer is only a part of the process. It is the way that our spirits are uplifted and linked indelibly to enhance the community around us. May you continue to be richly blessed!

  14. Jaime Mondestin says:

    This is an amazing life changing experience for me Ron. I love the information and energy you and your organization has shared throughout the years.

  15. Daniel Debi says:

    Hi Mr. Ron & Beverly,
    congratulations on your 50th anniversary!!
    Ron, God has blessed you and make you blessing to others too so greatly.

    my name is Daniel Debi
    I am just finished up How to Be a Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire and Home Study 6 cd also signed up for Gold club members!
    my excitements is so high!
    because of the great Hope I see in the near future!!
    I been looking Home for my Family almost since last 5-10 year now, bank keep decline my request due to credit issues. when I found your program it was was a miracle even, before I have started.
    You mentioned on your book some people called you mosses! I agree with them you are really mosses, who bring people from Captivity!
    God bless you greatly again and again you are real father to many!!
    Looking trained by you and your stuff soon.

    Danny from Minnesota

  16. Garrett Alston says:

    I am so very blessed to have had the opportunity to have Ron come into my life and train me. I look forward to get more training this and many years to come.

    Garrett from Florida and DC

  17. Garrett Alston says:

    So happy to see Commercial training back in the fold for us students. I guess history truly does repeat itself. Welcome back Tony Pearl!!

    Garrett from Florida and DC

  18. Orville Smith says:

    This was really a great video! Congrats on the 50th anniversary! Also watched some of Lynette Wolfs closing videos. Wow! What a closer!! Looking forward to having them as part of my team.

  19. Terenthian Roberts says:

    I love the video you just got to do it.

  20. Garrett Alston says:

    Is it me or do they look younger with time..lol. just funnin you Ron from your first book picture!! 🙂 🙂

  21. Garrett Alston says:

    Please take the time when you are in Jacksonville to visit Global. The staff and employees are friendly and and there are so many letters on the walls that they soon will run out of space!!

  22. Phillip Warrick says:

    Happy 50th

  23. Jason Prieto says:

    Happy 50th Anniversary. I am totally new into Real estate and look forward to joining your family in Orlando in September. That is my birthday gift to myself. Thank you Ron, and you haven’t even mentored me yet but i feel like i’ve known you for ever.
    Jason Haines City Florida

  24. Garrett Alston says:

    The more I watch this the more I learn. See you guys next week at the graduate event. Have a blessed day!!

  25. Garrett Alston says:

    Here waiting to reunite with other QSRE GRADS

  26. Jeffrey Williams says:

    I love it! I’m coming aboard

  27. Beresford Kirton says:

    In a word… WONDERFUL

  28. Warren Adcock says:

    I Love this Man He has changed my life i did my first deal after 2 week after folling Dean G for 5 years

  29. Abdulazeem Justice says:

    A true inspiration!

  30. Margie Davis-Taylor says:

    I’M so glad I stumbled across this program, God bless you and your family Ron.

  31. Michael Sebastiani says:

    Ron, you truly are a gifted soul. How must it feel to have such a huge loving family, I can only imagine. I thank God daily for you. May God continue to bless you and your immediate, as well as exxxxtended, family(s)!
    ps. This documentary was beautifully done. As usual, all class Ron, all class.

  32. Aaron Anderson says:

    Inspirational!!! This is EXACTLY what I needed today!

  33. Karen Ann Fuentes says:

    Such a tear jerker and such an inspiration to us all. I am learning a lot from being a Gold Member.

    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, your expertise, and your such indomitable spirit, Ron! For a single mother with four children like me, it is tough, but people like you give me hope and give me the fighting spirit I need to give my children a better future, no matter what.

    You are such a blessing to all the people you teach and inspire, Ron. Thank you, again!

  34. Tim King says:

    Inspiring and encouraging–awesome!

  35. Chilcote Properties says:

    Very inspirational, Thank You Ron!

  36. Eddie McGay says:

    Dear Ron: Yet another great American success story….I totally agree we are blessed to live in this great country, and blessed again we have you as a role model. I found this very encouraging and reassuring “why not me”. You and obviously many others in your great organization have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams…..Thank you….Eddie McGay

  37. Bruce Harlan says:

    Mentors, in my humble opinion watching this documentary should be required viewing at the beginning of a student’s training. Knowing the people you are working with, the culture and strengthing your own “Big Why” are so important to your success. …Thank you for a great American success story Ron. Love It!

  38. Niko Anagnostopoulos says:

    I’ve been familiar with Ron since I was a child and my father would pop in a cassette lecture tape !

  39. Karen Lambert says:

    Thanks Ron….looking forward to meeting you in person

  40. Suzanne Byrd says:

    Ron, this documentary is so amazing and it appears to be your and your wife’s 50th wedding anniversary bash. Congratulations. I see many parallels in your story and mine, the biggest hurdle for me being I have always wanted to do this but have never found the right Mentor who would stick with me through to initial FEAR to that first check and beyond. Ia love that you are a community and a family that I am so looking forward to being a part of. It is funny that you mentioned that we are not an island…as I often say I have become an “Island” but we all do need people, but the right ones, the good ones who will support and guide and not take away your dreams as you say. I think I have finally found that Mentor. Thank your for pursuing me for so long all while being patient yet gently persistent until the time was right for me and it certainly is now. I look forward to meeting you and becoming an integral part of your family. Ron, what touches me the most is that through all your successes and wealth you are still so humble and you have never forgotten where you came from. You are a giver and you give back which is one of the greatest and most honorable trait you can have. Kudos to you and your family, they are very lucky to have such a great man, husband, father and provider. Cheers! Respectfully, Suzanne Byrd

  41. Alyssa Franzo says:

    Great video and very inspirational! You can tell Ron is the Real Deal 🙂

  42. Eric Thompson says:

    Congratulations Ron to you and your wife on your 50th wedding anniversary and for believing in your dreams and for sharing all you have with all of us. May you and your family continue to be blessed.

  43. Wesley Woods says:

    This is an amazing story. Happy belated 50th anniversary to Ron and Beverly. I have been on real estate investing information overload for a long time. I had heard of Ron LeGrand for several years. And now I believe my journey has finally come to its destination.

  44. Ervin Diggs says:

    Happy 50th Ron: you are truly a blessing to me and my family!!!!

  45. Donna Miele says:

    Truly inspiring! Thank you for your courage and encouragement.

  46. Michele Rok says:

    A few days ago I signed on to Rons gold club membership. I am working on making the phone calls now. When I close my first deal I will sign up for your VA service and start running my business automated. Thanks for giving me hope that it is possible. I will keep you posted of my success.

  47. Steve Warrene says:

    I learned so much from Ron Legrand. In the last 10 years I have put millions of dollars worth of deals together and made a lot of money. Ron Legrand is the Real Deal and the inspiration to my success. Thank you Ron.

  48. Maurice Stafford says:

    Thanks so much Ron!

  49. Teresa Wilson says:

    Thank you Ron for letting me have a look into your life. I recently purchased the gold club membership I am working on doing some calls after my first deal I would be able to hire a VA to get my business going thank you for all your help and I look forward too meeting you in the near feature.

  50. Al Jackson says:

    Hello Ron; Happy 50th Anniversary to you and your lovely wife. I’m on board now having been in the loop since 2007 and attended your quick start boot camp in 2008 in Orlando. and since then I haven’t done anything but frustrated myself watching you and your students continue to live out your dreams. but recently in July of this year 2017 I once again attended a quick start boot camp in Orlando and came out with my hands lifted high and said I will no longer allow fear and procrastination to steal my dreams any longer.. I’m a gold club member and I’ve signed up for Pat Live at the event, but I have to do all the calling until my first deal and then a VA will make the calls. thank you and your staff for not removing me from the calling list after all those years of doing nothing with the measure of knowledge from 2008 boot camp. Thank You

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