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Information & Internet Marketing Boot Camp Reviews

“Ron LeGrand has the best seminar I have ever been to.  He has the best advice and contacts to speak.  They cover such a broad field and give tips and tricks others in this field would never know!  Thanks Ron.  I am ready to make money and feel this could be a big turning point for me and my family!  Thanks a million!”  by Tim Karst of Jacksonville, FL

“The Information and Internet Marketing Boot Camp was an incredible, information packed, practical event loaded with training and products that can be used to create significant personal wealth.  Ron LeGrand, a real estate master, assembled a talented group of presenters.  A truly mind-expanding, pocket book enhancing event!  Phenomenal course – many thanks!”  by Jim and Barbara Fleming of Cookeville, TN

“Thank you, Ron LeGrand and Global Publishing!  This boot camp has really been a life changing event for me.  You are the Godfather when it comes to the best real estate training.  It’s the only training I follow, and I’m so grateful!”  by Adam P. Cortez, Navy Veteran (Thank you, Adam, for your service!)

“Thank you, Ron!  The information in this seminar was vast, and was like being fed by a fire hose.  The tools we received were priceless and many of them we put to use.  Where other seminars fail to teach you anything, this seminar taught us tangible tools worth real money.  Thank you!”  by Nathan Fleming from Jacksonville, FL

“For someone new to REI with some MLM background, this is a great way to learn integrating both into a viable multi-income, marketing stream.  Well done, Ron and team!” by Court Robertson of Marietta, GA

“Excellent speakers and content, very professional.  I would recommend these seminars!” by Kenneth Porter of San Saba, TX

“This is the first Ron LeGrand event I have attended.  I thought it was quality information and speakers.  I gained a lot of great information.  I have focused on several things to develop and created a future action list, so that I can conquer one income stream after another.  I also developed several ideas of things to provide in my non-profit ministry to help qualified clients.  Thank you for this excellent boot camp!”  by Dr. Michelle Fleming of Jacksonville, FL

“Great event!  A cavalcade of fantastic speakers.  So many ideas and tips you won’t live long enough to use half of them.  This event is worth 10 times what Ron charges.  I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get going, using this cutting edge material.  Ron makes it so simple even a guy from Arkansas can do it!”  by Roger Young from Mountain Home, AR

“I’ve purchased a number of Ron LeGrand courses through the years, but seeing him in person really brought focus to what i want to accomplish.  To my delight, the panel of experts he assembled opened several new doors for me and brought new ideas to the forefront.  Kudos and many thanks to Ron and the Global Publishing staff.”  by Dave Leach of Springfield, IL

“This was the best event I’ve ever attended!!!  The speakers were all excellent and provided great content.  The opportunities presented were amazing.  If you don’t make big money after attending this event, you have no one to blame, but yourself!”  by Carla DeWitt of Indianapolis, IN

“The large room was packed full of friendly, supportive students of Ron’s, as well as presenters and speakers who entertained as they taught us all.  I am so impressed, you can expect to see me at every future marketing information boot camp you offer!  You keep it fresh and state of the art!  I was so excited before the event that I couldn’t sleep!  I want not disappointed.  *Best culture so far!*”  by Heather Bolan of Sarasota, FL

“I would come again to this seminar.  It was very educational and eye opening.  I can’t wait until I get back to my office to put the ideas in motion.  You have shown me how to make money fast, and it won’t cost much.”  by Clinton Robinson of East Orange, NJ

“Demystifies marketing by exposing the details of sales through real examples.  Invaluable training, very eye opening.”  by Patrick Kluge of Baltimore, MD

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11 Responses to Information & Internet Marketing Boot Camp Reviews

  1. Rachel Harris says:

    I can’t wait to start using what I learned at IMBC. Thank you for bringing in the geek pros to teach it. I was able to corner them to get some tips for my site. I am glad that you recorded it because it was jam packed with great info.

  2. KJ Roberts says:

    Ron will you have a course on this boot camp

  3. John Rogers says:

    From the testimonials this sounds like an excellent boot camp to attend.

  4. Sharon Collins says:

    Sounds Great, Thanks

  5. Todd Smith says:

    Great bootcamp; just gotta find a way to weave it into my business without detracting from RE deals.

  6. KJ Roberts says:


  7. KJ Roberts says:

    Have already paid for 2013 Information marketing bootcamp
    Ron LeGrand has the best seminar I have ever been to. He has the best advice and contacts to speak. They cover such a broad field and give tips and tricks others in this field would never know! Thanks Ron. I am ready to make money and feel this could be a big turning point for me and my family! Thanks a million!” by Tim Karst of Jacksonville, FL

  8. Rachel Harris says:

    The 2014 IMBC was another great event. I learned more actionable steps from the ‘geek squad’. There were a lot of take-aways: finding a niche, driving traffic, creating a product, affiliate marketing, lead generating, rank hacking, list building, social media, squeeze pages, selling 101, etc. I enjoyed the beach and the seafood.

  9. Debbie Wood says:

    You always get quality people to teach us!

  10. Chyanne Ford says:

    Is Ron still giving events for this Internet marketing boot camp?

    • Corey Ellis says:

      This event is coming up in August. I would recommend it for anyone, real estate business, non-real estate business, or thinking about starting a business! It’s amazing what you will learn! I’d call the office and get registered right away!

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