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Home » Resources » Jay & Janie Greenwalt’s Testimonial

Jay & Janie Greenwalt’s Testimonial

Dear Ron,

This letter is to say thanks.   Janie, my wife, and I attended your customer appreciation in Las Vegas 2003 and signed up as masters in the making.  Being the typical male I did some of the things we learned at Quick Start.  However, it was the things that you said not to do that I ignored and got into trouble.

We bought six houses our first month.  Wholesaled two and guaranteed the debt on the other four.  Well, predictably, after numerous challenges in 2008, we went bankrupt and struggled to survive for 16 months.  Now we are rebuilding and trying to follow your instructions.  The results are dramatically different.

We are wholesaling one to three houses monthly.  Since January 2012 we’ve bought and sold seven commercial notes for a profit of close to $740,000.00.  Attached is a copy of the check for the first one to fund for $226,850.38.  The other five notes are set to close and fund within the next 120 days.

At the Quick Start you said something along the lines of the only way to fail at real estate investing to do nothing or quit.  THANK YOU!  During the hard times we did ask ourselves if the struggle was worth the gain.  The answer was always, “Quitting is not an option.”

Now that we’ve had some success in the commercial arena, we will be at the next commercial event and will listen very closely to what you have to say.

I am truly excited about the next five years as an investor.  Please stay in the teaching game long enough for me to learn from you how to become a millionaire maker.

With Great Gratitude,

Jay and Janie Greenwalt

Greenwalt Check

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