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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – Chris Laymon & John Berry

Millionaire in the Making – Chris Laymon & John Berry

Jon and Steph,

I wanted to get a quick note to you guys and let you know what your coaching means to JB and me.  When we came to the boot camp at Jax Beach in mid-December (about 2 and a half weeks back), we met you both for the first time and learned so much.

We had ordered Ron LeGrand’s home study course before coming to the live event, and I remember briefly suggesting to JB that we could probably get all the information we needed from the home study course (skipping the live event).  I am so glad he talked me in to attending the event anyway.  When we were going over our notes on our drive back to Oklahoma, it was interesting to me how much of our education was learned in the back of the room and in the hallway (90% of it from you guys).  We would have missed all that had we stayed home.

I was very impressed with the real estate knowledge and experience you both have, but, even more than that, your willingness to share it.  I remember Jon helping us understand ACTS concepts, and giving us “insiders” info on real-world situations.  All of this took place before we were even students in your coaching program!  That was what really blew me away.  We could tell that the important thing wasn’t for you to make money, but that you wanted US to make money.  My business partner and I discussed joining the coaching program after that, and truly felt that we couldn’t afford NOT to join it.  We still feel that way.

We’re really excited about the next 6 months.  Not only are we going to buy a lot of houses and make a lot of profit, but we want to start automating our system just like the king and queen of automation (that would be you!) have done it.

It’s going to be a great 6 months, and we feel much better equipped to do this with you on our team.  Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us, and in advance for all the good things to come!  We just can’t express how much it means.

To Your Continued Success,

Chris Laymon and John Berry

Future Real Estate Millionaires

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