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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – Kent Palmer, Beloit, WI

Millionaire in the Making – Kent Palmer, Beloit, WI

Hi Wolff Couple,

It was so great to see you both in Chicago.  See, you’re rubbing off on me now because I say “great” a lot now.  You guys are not going to believe this, but I just left Pam’s Horse Ranch. I brought my family out to look at it and had another great talk with Pam.

This place is so beautiful.  My girlfriend started to cry when we walked in the door to talk with Pam. We drove separately, so they looked at the property with me, then they left to attend a get together for her sister.

Lynette, Pam agreed to keep all her appliances and every piece of furniture in the house in the deal!  We are talking about all the beds, kitchen and dining room tables that are hand-crafted, and all the outside furniture. It is all beautiful and very, very expensive.  I would have to say, she is throwing in $50,000-$100,000 worth of items.

Also, I am getting a big 4-wheeler, two tractors and all the furnishings in the bunk house.  I will send you pictures, so you can see what I am talking about. I cannot believe it. You have to let Ron know about it.  The deal is for $1,450 per month.  Payments are starting December 1, 2012 with a lease purchase offer and nothing down!  I have her agreeing to a 5 year term.

I have to tell you this, if I would have decided not to attend the L.A. Boot Camp, I never would have met you and Brian; thus, you would not be my mentors, and I would not have this deal going.  I thank God that you guys, and of course Ron, are in my life.  I am going to send you pictures.

Oh, I cannot leave this out.  I spoke to her about boarding horses and how that all works out.  It sounds like I can make really good money doing that, enough to make our payment, so essentially we would live there for free, controlling at least a $500,000 asset for zero down and zero into it.

Thanks so much!


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7 Responses to Millionaire in the Making – Kent Palmer, Beloit, WI

  1. Caryn Cain says:

    Ya know, der SconnieBoy, dem horses don’t feed demselves. You have ta trow dem horses over da fence some hay. I can still talk like dose guys up nort, ‘n so?
    Congrats on a great deal, Kent. I’ll come visit some warm October. ‘Scansin winters were never my favorite.
    From RE Magnate to Horse Whisperer. Way to go!!! Caryn

  2. Todd Smith says:

    Great deal! Love it. Thanks for sharing, and @Caryn – thanks for sharing the ‘sconsin slang.

  3. Eric Murphy says:

    WOW…i’ve gotta get some of that Mentoring!! Good job, and thanks for sharing.


    Hi Kent, I met you at the LA Boot Camp. It’s nice to hear about your success on that deal. I think you brought that paperwork to LA when you where there, as Ron always stresses, follow-up is a very important step. Great Job!!!

  5. Tracy Day says:

    Way to go Kent.Keep it up.Go Packers!!!!

  6. Susan Sheen says:

    Great Job Kent! I breed and raise horses so good luck with that, it sounds like a wonderful property! Caryn, I have lived in Wisconsin all my life and have never heard anyone talk like that!! LOL Your right, I dont like the WI winters either!

  7. Tom Pratto says:

    Sounds like a great deal. Great job.

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