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Home » Resources » Check out what these past Summit attendees had to say…

Check out what these past Summit attendees had to say…

We had so many students write us after attending the Summit that we thought we would share some of their feedback. Below are just a handful of future Millionaires’ stories!

This is my first Summit and I had no real knowledge of what to expect other than it would be a great experience. I have to say, this event was incredible and I will be back. To have so much experience present and everyone’s willingness to answer questions. There is nowhere like this course.  Gauton- Maiden, NC

Our first Summit and we will be back. There was so much info presented. It was hard to take it all in. There vendors were great and I can say that we will benefit from meeting with at least two or more vendors. Thanks for the Summit looking forward to 2017 in Daytona. Jeff Auton- Maiden, NC

The Summit is ROCKING! A great time!! Bring your energy, you will need it to keep up with Ron and the gang. Make Friend with people who get you! You won’t be disappointed! Deb Burkett- Jacksonville, FL

This by far was one of the best real estate events I have ever attended in my life! The friends and contacts that I have made is simply amazing. The memories and tools that I have walked away with will last for a lifetime. Thank you Ron and staff. You are the best! Todd Dudley- Chicago, IL

This event, that Ron and his staff put together, was outstanding!! Extremely well prepared. The vendors that Ron has allowed to attend are excellent and the vendors you will want to do business with. Michael Sebastiani- Orlando, FL

I came to this event looking to automate my real estate business and I purchased exactly what I needed. I can’t wait to start the new phase of my business after 15 years of real estate industry. Jeff milligan- Atlanta, GA

Ron LeGrand’s Great American Real Estate Summit 2016 was off the charts!! The highest quality of speakers. Legends such as Al Lowry, Robert Allen, Russ Whitney and of course Ron LeGrand, shared their timeless wisdom and experiences. The content of teaching was phenomenal with opportunities presented every day of the event to expand your real estate business and take it to the next level. Awesome people, amazing growth and absolutely the best conference I’ve attended. Debi Fuentes-San Diego, CA

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One Response to Check out what these past Summit attendees had to say…

  1. Allena Williams says:

    Hi! I’m excited to say that I will be at the Atlanta four day event next week. Is this the same event? I was also told that I could come to 11 events for free. Is this one of them? If so, I have tried to sign up for the event but it always takes me to the payment screen. Please advise, Thanks!

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