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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – Ralph French

Millionaire in the Making – Ralph French

Brian & Lynette,

We completed our first ACTs deal today, and attached below is a copy of the check for $5,000! This was from the property information sheet I brought to the QSRES in Orlando, and you called the seller back to close the deal on the phone. I now have assigned the contract to the tenant buyer, and received a referral letter in the process!

This was a 3bd/1.5 bath 930sq ft. FSBO listed for $72,000.  The seller said he would sell for what he owed (which was $67,000).  Payments were only $588/mo PITI, but in a little rough neighborhood and principle part of loan was only about $100/mo.  So, I chose to ACTs it and get out. I found a tenant buyer with $5,000 that would take over the payments.

Thank you for your mentoring through the whole process, answering all my questions along the way, and steering me on the path to success!

Gratefully yours,

Ralph French

RNW Properties, LLC

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