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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – Ray Ritchie

Millionaire in the Making – Ray Ritchie


It’s been (10) ten months since I attended your “Control Without Ownership,” 4-day seminar.  It was one of the first steps I used to re-invent myself to this current real estate market that had kicked me so hard in the stomach, so to speak.  I knew the old ways of doing real estate I had used in the past had to change if I was to stay in real estate.

I love doing “Rent to Own” also known as “Lease to Own” and rehabbing properties.  I was already thinking of ways to get the right marketing and forms system to use in this new market we’re in.  I saw the writing on the wall. Your ACTS program solved that problem for me.

Since that time, I have done 8 ACTS deals.  I’m using a virtual assistant, and that system is working great for me.

Attached is a check for $13,250.00, which is the best deal I’ve done so far.  I also received $1,000 from the tenant buyer to take the property off the market until closing, for a total of $14,250.00 after expenses!

Ron, I know you like to say I’m old as dirt, but I re-invented myself to this market with the best of the young studs!!

Thanks for your help!

Ray Ritchie

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7 Responses to Millionaire in the Making – Ray Ritchie

  1. D.L. Cote says:

    Way to Go Man!

  2. Debbie Magar says:

    shows never too old

  3. Todd Smith says:

    Great job Ray!

    Success leaves clues –
    I read two things here that struck a note.
    First, Ray is a Masters student – he invests in himself to get education and also has a great peer group in the Masters program.
    Second, he realizes that you have to evolve when the market changes and he pursued a new method that Ron offered and has been very successful with it!

  4. Sharon Collins says:

    Ray’s story is very inspiring. In the 90’s I learned from Ron Options and then Lease Optioned. It seemed so much simpler then. In my area of Florida sellers are very reluctant and honestly I am ready to give up. I am going to attent the Quick Start school this month and hope to find some way to learn a better negotiating strategy. What I am doing does not seem to work.

  5. Eric Murphy says:

    this is very encouraging…thanks for sharing!

  6. Robert Straker says:

    Hello Ray,

    Congratulations and good job on the deal! I am proud of you and your efforts. Glad to read that you made some good money and are becoming a successful real estate investor. I am new to Planet Ron, and am working on my first deal. One day I too will be able to post a success story like yours. Take care, keep up the good work, and keep on investing.

    Bye for now,

  7. Robert Straker says:


    How many other deals have you done since this one? We would all like to know. Please post more of them so we can read about your success, as it motivates those of us who are new and who want to be successful like you.

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