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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – Ray Ritchie

Millionaire in the Making – Ray Ritchie


It’s been (10) ten months since I attended your “Control Without Ownership,” 4-day seminar.  It was one of the first steps I used to re-invent myself to this current real estate market that had kicked me so hard in the stomach, so to speak.  I knew the old ways of doing real estate I had used in the past had to change if I was to stay in real estate.

I love doing “Rent to Own” also known as “Lease to Own” and rehabbing properties.  I was already thinking of ways to get the right marketing and forms system to use in this new market we’re in.  I saw the writing on the wall. Your ACTS program solved that problem for me.

Since that time, I have done 8 ACTS deals.  I’m using a virtual assistant, and that system is working great for me.

Attached is a check for $13,250.00, which is the best deal I’ve done so far.  I also received $1,000 from the tenant buyer to take the property off the market until closing, for a total of $14,250.00 after expenses!

Ron, I know you like to say I’m old as dirt, but I re-invented myself to this market with the best of the young studs!!

Thanks for your help!

Ray Ritchie

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5 Responses to Millionaire in the Making – Ray Ritchie

  1. D.L. Cote says:

    Way to Go Man!

  2. Debbie Magar says:

    shows never too old

  3. Todd Smith says:

    Great job Ray!

    Success leaves clues –
    I read two things here that struck a note.
    First, Ray is a Masters student – he invests in himself to get education and also has a great peer group in the Masters program.
    Second, he realizes that you have to evolve when the market changes and he pursued a new method that Ron offered and has been very successful with it!

  4. Sharon Collins says:

    Ray’s story is very inspiring. In the 90’s I learned from Ron Options and then Lease Optioned. It seemed so much simpler then. In my area of Florida sellers are very reluctant and honestly I am ready to give up. I am going to attent the Quick Start school this month and hope to find some way to learn a better negotiating strategy. What I am doing does not seem to work.

  5. Eric Murphy says:

    this is very encouraging…thanks for sharing!

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