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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – Tiffany S.

Millionaire in the Making – Tiffany S.

Dear Brian & Lynette,

Thank you for your support, encouragement, patience and motivation.  With family life so hectic as a mother of three, very limited budget and multiple family emergencies/issues arising, it was difficult to stay focused and on track with real estate investing.

However, the weekly phone calls with Lynette were wonderful in keeping me motivated and staying encouraged.  Even if it was just one hour a day that I was able to spend on real estate investing, she guided me on the best way to be productive with my time.  Throughout the week, the resources provided were useful as well, so even if we weren’t talking on the phone she and Brian were still there helping me along the way.

So, although I have hobbled along the way, I am proud to say that I have obtained four contracts, three of which my exit strategy is to wholesale the ugly houses for a couple thousand each.  The fourth is a pretty house which I am purchasing subject-to.  The exit strategy is to keep and lease purchase to a tenant buyer or lease to graduate students since the house is near a university and can generate $400/month in cash flow.  So, although, I haven’t closed yet and they’re not huge deals, it has given me confidence to believe I can make this real estate investing thing work… Yay!!

Thank you again, Brian and Lynette.  They’re sincere in their desire to help, and I truly appreciate their guidance.  May we have continued success!


Tiffany S.

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