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Home » Resources » Millionaires in the Making – Brian & Valerie Bartels

Millionaires in the Making – Brian & Valerie Bartels

Just a little background on this couple.  Valerie runs a very successful Partylite Candle business and just won a 10-day trip to Hawaii for her accomplishments.  That shows how busy she is with her Partylite Candle business.  Brian works as a Lead Engineer full-time and is extremely busy with his job.  So…..it just goes to show that even two people who have very busy lives can do deals!! It’s all about priorities and dedication, and these two definitely make it a priority to get their real estate investing business rocking and rolling.  They have the dedication to make it happen.  Never once have we heard a negative word from either of them, even though there were weeks when there were not that many leads, or not great leads, etc.  They just get in there and get their hands dirty and do what it takes.

We believe we have just begun to see the fruits of their labor and their fruit tree will be producing lots more here in the very near future!  Not only are they picking the low hanging fruit, but they’re going after the stuff nobody else can reach!!!!  Great couple…!!!  Great Testimonial as to how things work when the student listens to the teacher!

Jon & Stephanie:

Valerie and I are so pumped to tell you about our first deal.  We are selling on a lease-option for which we received $5,000 down, will receive $505 net per month cash flow, and expect an additional $20,000 on the back-end when they obtain their financing and exercise the option.  It’s a fair property that we got under contract for $45,000 and sold for $65,000 from a seller who owned it free and clear.  The tenant-buyer is completely responsible for all maintenance and improvements.  We gave the buyers a fair shake because the ARV should be approximately $84,000.  A win-win-win for everyone.

I guess I should also mention, we just inked our second deal on a house that the seller is so motivated to sell that they are going to write a check at closing.  Reason being, there is an ex-wife in the picture that the husband and “new” wife want to be rid of.  We will be marketing this at an anticipated $15,000 flip fee and should be able to get no less than $7,000 on a quick sale.  The house is in excellent condition.

Oh yeah,  there is also a third deal we expect to ink tonight.  The house is worth $85,000.  The Seller wanted $65,000, but has agreed to accept $45,000.  This one is a little too far out of my back yard so likely another flip and again expect the flip on this one to be $20,000.

Per your guidance, we are using the “option” form with recorded “notice of option” which you pioneered here in Pennsylvania.  I believed we have positioned ourselves very well for a couple of different successful outcomes.  You have truly changed my perspective about getting properties under contract.  I hope to have a whole bushel basket full of deals to peddle as our marketing continues to ramp- up.

Very truly yours,

Brian & Valerie Bartels
Pittsburgh, PA

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2 Responses to Millionaires in the Making – Brian & Valerie Bartels

  1. Cindy young Young says:

    How exciting for you! Great job!

  2. Eric Murphy says:

    every time you think of some of the reasons that people can’t do this business, you find someone fighting through that obstacle and making it happen…congrats!

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