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Home » Resources » Millionaires in the Making – John Berry & Chris Laymon

Millionaires in the Making – John Berry & Chris Laymon

Jon and Steph,

First of all, you guys are the BEST!!!  I doubt very seriously we would still be in the “Control Without Ownership” business if it was not for coaching with you.  We learned a ton at the seminar in Florida but you guys make it practical with OUR circumstances and OUR market.  I can see this business would work in any part of the country.  However, I would not have wanted to take on this new business venture without your guidance.  There’s a lot to learn (as with any business) and the cost of the coaching program has been well worth it for us.

Attached you will see a check for $7000 and cash for $2000.  I have also already collected another $3000 cash from this same buyer on our 1st deal while working with you.  We will “only” be keeping $7500 from the closing that will take place on the 22nd of this month.  (I guess I will be OK with only $7500 of it 😉  The best part about this deal is that it came from a NO!  I thought that the lead would have to say “Yes I will lease option my property”.  But, as you taught us, it’s important to tie up properties and just “get agreements, get agreements” and we can always go back and renegotiate later if we need to.

So, this lead came in from our VA, and there was a “no” on the question about lease/optioning the property.  I followed up with the lady, went to see the house anyway, and got it under contract as a cash sale.  However, since she was slightly interested in the lease option, I told her I’d advertise for cash sellers as well as lease option tenants and just bring all the leads to her to decide.  Within 2 weeks, we found a lease option tenant who could put $15k down, with a cash out within 18 months.  We explained the deal to the seller and told her she would get $7500 up front and $250 spread each month, as well as full asking price for her property.  She was pretty excited about that (to say the least!).  She couldn’t refuse that sweet deal.

So, thanks to YOU GUYS, we turned a “No” into $7500!  Thanks a ton for all you continue to do, and we’ll be sending more of these stories in the near future!

Many, Many Thanks!!

John Berry and Chris Laymon
Green Country Home Buyers

P.S.  For all the students who are “on the fence” about coaching, we’d highly recommend it.  Ignorance is more expensive than knowledge!

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7 Responses to Millionaires in the Making – John Berry & Chris Laymon

  1. Jodi Odell says:

    Congrats!!! So happy for you 🙂

  2. Debbie Magar says:

    that is persistance. good job

  3. Tamara Bond says:

    Wow, this is great, congratulations to you both! I’ve been thinking about getting coaching myself and have recently completed the application. After reading this I can’t wait to get started. My plan is to have a testimonial like yours to share in the next few months (if not weeks)!

    Congrats again :)!

  4. John Rogers says:

    Yes, I’ve heard a very good similar quote: “I you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” So true. Thanks for the motivating example.

  5. Denny Ochaita says:

    Great Job!

  6. Eric Murphy says:

    way to go…in Real Estate, “no” doesn’t always mean “no”…congrats!

  7. Chris Laymon says:

    Thanks, all… it’s an exciting time!

    Chris Laymon,

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