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Home » Resources » Millionaire in the Making – Scott McLain

Millionaire in the Making – Scott McLain

Hi Ron,

When I first started my weekly phone calls with my mentors, I was leery about the results we would see. They asked me how many houses a month I wanted to buy and not having a number in mind really I blurted out “3”. They told me that we could get that done pretty easily. I remember thinking to myself “yeah right”.

We already had rental fleet experience so finding tenant/buyers was not my concern; it was finding those motivated sellers who’d work with me that I needed.

We spent a lot of time setting up “the machine” to buy houses…leads leads and more leads, the VA, the website, signage, etc. I frankly didn’t feel like we were getting much done until I took a look back the other day.

We are roughly in month 4 of our 6 month mentorship and we’ve bought (and closed) on 4 houses already. We also have 2 more under contract for August, and I have more deals working than I ever have…I have 8 solid leads on my whiteboard, and I can honestly see half of them getting done on some kind of deal. That would be 4 more buys on top of the 6 which equals 10 buys in 5 months!

So in less than 6 months we’ve truly ramped up to 2 buys a month on our way to 3 houses a month. This is getting fun!

Thanks to my awesome mentors!

Scott McLain

2015-08-07 MIM Scott McLain


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