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Home » Resources » Planet Ron » Marshall Sylver Hypnotizes our Students!

Marshall Sylver Hypnotizes our Students!

Our banquet dinner was nothing short of FABULOUS!  After a wonderful dinner, we were treated to a spectacular show by famed hypnotist, Marshall Sylver.

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5 Responses to Marshall Sylver Hypnotizes our Students!

  1. Debbie Wood says:

    I was there! I am still am there! What a great show! It was nothing short of amazing!

  2. Todd Smith says:

    I love Marshall’s shows! He is a true master!

  3. Rickie Chang says:

    I was in Marshall Sylver’s club, until my credit card went over the limit and that was the end of my membership. I still like Marshall Sylver. I learned a few things from him. I will stay in Ron’s Gold Club long as I can, and I will learn everything I can from Ron. Marshall Sylver and Ron Legrand, the millionaire makers!

  4. Rickie Chang says:

    Ron LeGrand

  5. Harold Morgan says:

    I needed a laugh today this was great. I have seen a number of Marshall shows in Las Vagas. I have found that he can help change anyone’s life. I would not mind seeing him again.

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