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Home » Resources » Planet Ron » Planet Ron – LeGrand’s Steak & Seafood Final Update

Planet Ron – LeGrand’s Steak & Seafood Final Update

Ron and his restaurant team have been busier than ever this past week as they prepare for the Grand Opening! Congratulations Ron!

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9 Responses to Planet Ron – LeGrand’s Steak & Seafood Final Update

  1. Denny J. Ochaita says:

    Ron, real nice place. I love the design and colors. I will be visiting soon.

  2. John Rogers says:

    Wow! That can’t be the same place we saw just a few months ago? Looks great and hope to visit and dine there for the QSRES.

  3. Roger Young says:

    Great looking place. The design is awesome!

  4. Tracy Day says:

    Looking good,Ron.

  5. Todd Smith says:

    Look’s great. Can’t wait for a steak there in August during Info. Marketing Boot Camp!

  6. Tom Pratto says:

    Looks GREAT!!! All the Best!!!

  7. Jeff Clayton says:

    What a difference a month makes ! WOW, looks great, Ron.

    Sort of a dual motiff, seafood and carnivals.

    This thing is really going to take off, I can feel it.

    Where do I get my UFOC? (Uniform Franchise Offering Circular)

  8. Cresencio Mandujano says:

    Great looking place Wow! like John said can’t be the same place Looks great

  9. Thomas Digiovanni says:

    Gorden ramsay dosent have anything on this place. ..great job Ron!!

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