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Home » Resources » Planet Ron » Planet Ron – Ron Rockin’ Gangnam Style!

Planet Ron – Ron Rockin’ Gangnam Style!

You’ve never seen Ron on the Bus Tour like this!

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2 Responses to Planet Ron – Ron Rockin’ Gangnam Style!

  1. Cheryl Brozovic says:

    What an absolute Riot! Ron is The Best! lol

  2. Debbie says:

    This video was created for the sole purpose of using Ron’s image in a relevant and fun way to show the lighthearted, comical side of Ron. We, here at Global, got a kick out of our silly video.

    Unfortunately, over the weekend, we learned that the performer of Gangnam Style, Psy, had made anti-American and anti-military comments and videos back in 2004. As most know, Ron is an avid supporter of our military heroes and would in no way, shape or form ever want to use an image or be associated with anything anti-military ever.

    While we think this video is very funny and purely innocent, we absolutely do not support any entertainer making such harmful and hateful comments, which is why we have chosen to pull it from our site.

    With that said, just imagine this is your QSRES bus-tour with Ron swinging down the aisles! And, you never know, he might just try it!

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