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Home » Resources » Monthly Q & A Sessions » Ron’s Q&A Call 2011-09-12

Ron’s Q&A Call 2011-09-12

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11 Responses to Ron’s Q&A Call 2011-09-12

  1. Quentin/Kristina Freeman/Mohammed says:

    Love these!

  2. Matthew Hell says:

    I wonder if these can be downloaded on MP3, they would be nice to listen to in the car.

  3. Matthew Hell says:

    These calls are critical to listen to when ever you get a chance.

  4. Edward Haberthur says:

    @Matthew Hell yes you just right click and save as. It will download as MP3 for digital Players.

    All The Best

  5. Phillip Warrick says:

    great call Ron,

  6. Faith Szafranski says:

    I love listening to these calls when I’m driving around… keep reinforcing all this great information.

  7. Mark Hershberger says:

    I have so many of these to go through. There is so many resources available.

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