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Home » Resources » Monthly Q & A Sessions » Ron’s Q&A Call 2012-03-12

Ron’s Q&A Call 2012-03-12

2012-03-12 Q&A Call

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9 Responses to Ron’s Q&A Call 2012-03-12

  1. John Murrow says:

    Great information!

  2. KJ Roberts says:

    Thank You for making these recorded

    • Matthew Hell says:

      I listened to this one as I was coming home from about an hours drive. What a good time to listen to educate us. And with the bluetooth through the car it was nice to listen to the call from the cars speakers.

      Great call, always look forward to the next one.

  3. Philip Barber says:

    I really got a lot out of this one.

  4. Quentin/Kristina Freeman/Mohammed says:

    These recordings are awesome!

  5. Jeff Clayton says:

    Ron brings up a great point for us Texas investors regarding the onerous Lease/Option law passed a few years ago.

    In Texas we cannot L/O and collect a non refundable deposit as an investor, although an owner occupant can do so.

    So, an assignment fee is not a non refundable deposit. If we do an ACTS deal in TX, then there is no non refundable deposit, it’s an assignment fee.

    But Texas is a quick foreclosure state-28 days from Notice of Sale. So AITD wraps are the best to do. “ACTS an AITD”

  6. Mike Minnihan says:

    @ Jeff Clayton

    Great notes from Ron’s call.

    This call audio seems to be the same as Ron’s February Q&A call

  7. Michael Minnihan says:

    This call (March 12th 2012) and the February 13th 2012 call are both exactly the same.

    Hopefully they can find the missing call audio and replace it.

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