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Home » Resources » Monthly Q & A Sessions » Ron’s Q&A Call 2012-08-13

Ron’s Q&A Call 2012-08-13

2012-08-13 Q&A Call

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4 Responses to Ron’s Q&A Call 2012-08-13

  1. Wally Cook says:

    Great call. Lots of information

  2. KJ Roberts says:

    Thanks great call

  3. Jeff Clayton says:

    Thanks Ron for helping me with my Property Info Sheet leads.

    I appreciate your being available to us GC members on this call.

    Your idea/suggestion for me on my “reluctant to move out Seller” to just go ahead and close the owner financed transaction with him and my side of the deal and then wait until he moves out to install the buyer is a great idea. That way it ties him up and I don’t have to worry him until he moves out. And, he’s not going to screw up his own credit by not making the payments.

    I would never have thought of doing it this way with out talking to you.

  4. KJ Roberts says:

    Good call

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