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Home » Resources » Monthly Q & A Sessions » Ron’s Q&A Call 2012-11-12

Ron’s Q&A Call 2012-11-12

2012-11-12 Q&A Call

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6 Responses to Ron’s Q&A Call 2012-11-12

  1. KJ Roberts says:

    Good call

  2. Gary Gale says:

    How about putting together a board game with these and other Q&A information on property parts that come into play the game.

    • Matthew Hell says:

      Superb call! I just get so excited when these calls come on. They are just so packed with enthusiasm and education. I just want to go do some more looking for houses and vacant homes.

      Anyone else this excited?

  3. Jeff Clayton says:

    Another excellent call. Ron cuts to the chase and tells it like it is.

  4. Matthew Hell says:

    These calls just get me so inspired to go take action and make a ton of money! who agrees?

  5. Matthew Hell says:

    This last call was a keeper and good to blow away 2012. I’m really looking forward to the new calls in 2013. Hopefully they can be downloadable on MP3.

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