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Video Testimonial Contest

The following three videos were submitted for our video testimonial contest.  As promised, they are posted here for our members to vote for their favorite.  To vote, simply leave a comment with the video you like best!

Voting will be open through Friday, April 13th.  Ron will then award the winner the boot camp or event of the winner’s choice!

Thanks to Kevin Roberts, Ray Ritchie and Lou Colombo for the great submissions!


From Lou Colombo

From Ray Ritchie

From Kevin Roberts

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33 Responses to Video Testimonial Contest

  1. Lou Colombo says:

    Good job everyone!

  2. KJ Roberts says:

    Thanks Ron

  3. John Murrow says:

    I vote for Lou.

  4. Norman DeWein says:

    Kevin all the way!!!

  5. Alan Thompson says:

    I’ll put in a vote for KJ.

  6. Philip Barber says:

    I vote for Kevin Roberts.

  7. William Allen says:

    My vote for Kevin.

  8. Georgia Baldwin says:

    My vote is for Kevin Roberts. He is really has it together.

  9. Georgia Baldwin says:

    My vote is for Kevin Roberts. He really has it together. Really is willing to network.

  10. Linda Michaels says:

    great job everyone! my vote goes to Lou.

  11. Linda Weisbach says:

    I vote for KJ

  12. Cres Mandujano says:

    My vote for lou

  13. Bruce Moore says:

    I vote for Kevin Roberts.

  14. Chris Whitwood Whitwood says:

    KJ gets my vote

  15. John Stanley says:

    Its not fair to offer a bribe, the testimonials should stand on the own !!!!

    • KJ Roberts says:

      John not 1 in 20 of us can make a video of that quality. This video took me 6 hours to make I have no computer skills But I can teach people how to find the deals and how to get them what more important a pretty video or life skills.

  16. Scott Burton says:

    I like KJ Roberts video the best. short, simple, and entertaining. Thanks Ron.

  17. debbie says:

    Thank you all for your votes! The votes are being tallied with the Facebook votes, and the winner will be announced shortly! Good luck to all three of the contestants!

  18. debbie says:

    Be sure to watch Planet Ron, issued in your Weekly Report, coming out this Friday as Ron will announce the winner of the grand prize, a boot camp of the winner’s choice!

    He’s also awarding our first runner-up and second runner-up a surprise award!

    Congratulations to all three contestants!

  19. Jeff Clayton says:

    Congrats to Lou, KJ, and Ray. They were all great.

    Good inpiration for next time Ron has the same contest.

  20. Roger Young says:

    3 great contestants. All done a fantastic job!

  21. Mitch Hell says:


  22. John Rogers says:

    Great videos by members that have obviously learned lot from the LeGrand clan. These are very encouraging, it can be done!

  23. Dan Watje says:

    Three great videos, but I vote for KJ Roberts.
    Great jog guys,

  24. Clayton Eatmon says:

    Impressive to gain 40 new buyers to a buyers list with just one new bandit sign . Inspirational testimonial . Thanks

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