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Home » Training » #0a Dreams lite dash overview

#0a Dreams lite dash overview

The following video is an overview of the homepage of a Dreams Lite account. This would be the portal for all Gold Club VA members to access their working or closed leads, view their remaining hours, and # of days to next billing cycle. This also will show PI Sheet counts as well as call attempts for any given time-frame.

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14 Responses to #0a Dreams lite dash overview

  1. Anders Karlsson says:


  2. Ariel Mangoba says:


  3. Bryan Davis says:

    So this is something available to anyone with a Gold Club account and purchased VA time? If so, thatโ€™s a fantastic tracking mechanism for someone who already has an established web presence but wants to leverage some DREAMS power.

  4. Anders Karlsson says:

    Again, great info.

  5. Tammy Frederick says:

    Once I feel like I have a handle on this, this will be a definite go!

  6. Beresford Kirton says:

    Good overview. Short and sweet.

  7. Ray Chinoy says:

    so this is available to anyone with gold acct and va service?

  8. Ray Chinoy says:

    so, I’m a little confused. If every gold club member is getting the same fsbo list, how does the VA process work? If the same team of VAs is calling the same person with the exact same script… help me understand this, as I’m getting ready to sign up

    • Pam Patton says:

      Thanks Ray for the question- These leads are handled just like any FSBO in your area that can be found on Craigslist…Zillow, etc. It is first come first serve but we do make the effort not to call sellers multiple times. If we happen to generate a PI sheet for another student we do share that information if you have the same lead. Or vice versa. But this is only for leads that are in the system. We do not share information if the lead isn’t in the system already. Let me know if you still have questions. I am here to help, and would love to have you join our VA service. You can reach me at 904-262-0491 x127 or send me an email at pam@globalpublishinginc.com I am happy to chat anytime ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Marcus Freeman says:

    How do I get to Dream lite?

    • Jesie Rosseland says:

      You would need to upgrade your membership to the Gold Club VA level – if you’re already paying $59/month that would remain the same since you’re wanting DREAMS Lite in addition to your current services.

  10. Ken Pinkney says:

    Going to upgrade today

  11. Mandela Redmond says:

    Great! I didn’t even know I had this accessibility.

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