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Home » Training » #0a Dreams lite dash overview

#0a Dreams lite dash overview

The following video is an overview of the homepage of a Dreams Lite account. This would be the portal for all Gold Club VA members to access their working or closed leads, view their remaining hours, and # of days to next billing cycle. This also will show PI Sheet counts as well as call attempts for any given time-frame.

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5 Responses to #0a Dreams lite dash overview

  1. Anders Karlsson says:


  2. Ariel Mangoba says:


  3. Bryan Davis says:

    So this is something available to anyone with a Gold Club account and purchased VA time? If so, that’s a fantastic tracking mechanism for someone who already has an established web presence but wants to leverage some DREAMS power.

  4. Anders Karlsson says:

    Again, great info.

  5. Tammy Frederick says:

    Once I feel like I have a handle on this, this will be a definite go!

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