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Home » Training » #3 Using a Virtual Assistant- Best Practices

#3 Using a Virtual Assistant- Best Practices

Pam Patton, our Director of Eagle VA Services, is here to teach you how to properly use a Virtual Assistant. Pam walks you through the everyday tasks like calling leads, running ads, building buyers lists and more.

If you don’t have a VA and are ready to sign up go to http://www.RonsVA.com for details and to get started today.

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21 Responses to #3 Using a Virtual Assistant- Best Practices

  1. Wilfred Miyasaki says:

    Hi Pam,
    I have a question. Is there a fee to send me the FSBO list? What is the fee? I listed only one county (Honolulu County) but I got 40 pages of listings, so how can I limit this list? Are all of these listings FSBO or some actual realtor listings?
    Thanks, Wilfred

    • Emeline Faaumu-Niutei says:

      Hi Wilfred, I think the FSBO listing is included with your Gold Member’s Club, I set up my account already and I get mmy first listing the next day. Awesome program!

  2. Carlos Vargas says:

    Thanks Pam for those points.

  3. Diane Cabral says:

    Thanks, Pam, for the information. It’s a big help!

  4. Chris Brodie says:

    How much is this service?

  5. Justin Brown says:

    I see no one wants to answer about how much this service is…

    • Jeanette Eberhardt says:

      Hi Justin – If you’re a Gold Club Member a FSBO list comes with that package. For the help of a VA, I think there’s a cost of 35 cents per minute or $21 per hour.

  6. Edwin Rivera says:

    Thanks Pam!Great information

  7. Brenda Westerberg says:

    Thank you Pam, for that very helpful video!

  8. Alfred Edmunds says:

    Thanks Pam, you helped answer some of the questions I had.

  9. Stephen Foster says:

    Very informative ideas for automating

  10. Anders Karlsson says:

    Very good video.

  11. Henry Bourne says:

    Search around the internet and you’ll find that there are a variety of idea guides for suggested workflows when working with VA’s. I was wondering if Global had, or could come up with, a guide like that? Sort of mimicking what Pam shows on the whiteboard in her video. I’d like to be able to have a checklist like that of tasks with a way to organize and communicate priorities.

  12. Bryan Davis says:

    What I got out of this was that I can expect an average of around 6% of leads sent to generate a “yes”. That I can work with. I’m aiming to bring no less than 10 “yes” sheets with me to the upcoming Fast Track event in Dallas so I need to get around 167 suspects sent to the VAs in the next month. Challenge accepted!

  13. Jerel Stewart says:

    Hi, how do i pay and receive VA services?

  14. Ian Lemke says:

    I’m going to purchase the DREAMS system next week!! We’ll be in touch

  15. Emeline Faaumu-Niutei says:

    VA saves money and time. ALso very professional so I can focus on other important stuff in life.

  16. Price McGraw says:

    Pricemcgraw can I use the va to get started if I’m a Gold member I don’t have the 500.00 dollars right now to get started.

  17. Steve Rupp says:

    Where would you get a IVR system

  18. Larry Laker says:

    Steve Rupp I don’t believe IVR is still available . Now you go to Pat-Live for both seller and buyer

  19. Richard Ullrich says:

    What should the VA be doing?


    Call FSBO’s

    Research FSBO’s

    Run Ad Templates “I Buy Houses”


    Info Page for a Single Property Site

    Post Houses For Sale on
    Social Media & Websites

    IVR Transcription
    WebForms Data Base Management

    Text Blast for Open Houses

    Set Appointments

    Make Follow-up Calla

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