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Home » Training » #5a Build your Buyers List

#5a Build your Buyers List

Don’t wait to build your buyers list. Learn how you can start collecting data from potential buyers now, that you can market to later when you are ready.

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15 Responses to #5a Build your Buyers List

  1. Carlos Vargas says:

    Thank you again very clear and easy to follow on my way.

  2. Tasha Campfield says:

    This is so cool, that contact library, auto-responders & web form builders. Knowing I stay very busy during the day. This helps out so much.

  3. Keith Lanier says:


  4. Vyacheslav Say says:

    Great content ! Thank you for sharing

  5. James Doney says:

    I’m pretty sure I understand how to do this but don’t I have to have a domain that already generates a lot of traffic for it to work? If so, is there a lesson on how to drive traffic to it? Sorry, not very computer savvy…

  6. David Snider says:

    Thanks for this helpful training

  7. Kl / Afi says:

    Has anyone taken advantage of this video, and have worked out all the bugs? Needing help! thanks! Can be reached at k@avantiinvestments.net

  8. Bryan Davis says:

    As I’m watching this I can’t help but think this is the kind of stuff that I need to leave to my VA. I’ll donit first so I understand the process but as soon as possible I need to give it to someone better at it than me.

  9. Michael Caldwell says:

    I’m definitely gonna be utilizing this! With all of these tools there’s no way you could fail at this! Thanks

  10. Emeline Faaumu-Niutei says:

    If there’s anything I need to put my money into is the Dreams and the VA tools.

  11. Emeline Faaumu-Niutei says:

    Great way to build buyer’s list.

  12. David Snider says:

    This makes the sales / rent-to-own transition MUCH easier than having to market a property from scratch !! Thanks greatly,
    Dave Snider

  13. Chuck Powell says:

    Excellent! Easy and simple.

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